River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Diary of Emerald Green

June 2010

April tells of the misshaps facing her fictional Emerald Green

Drama!......Drama!....Drama! What a disaster my drama lesson was today. I think it was possibly the most embarrassing thing that could have happened. I know what you're thinking; I didn't mess up on my lines, no, not anything as minor as that. Well maybe I should tell you, but promise you won't laugh?

The whole of our class were doing the scene from Romeo and Juliette, where Juliette is leaning out of the window saying "O Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?" All the girls were doing really well and the guys were a bit shy as you would expect, it was funny seeing their faces go bright red as they spoke highly of Juliette's beauty. Until I took my turn and entertained everybody even more. The balcony wasn't very high but I still managed to fall out of it and onto the unsuspecting Romeo below me. As I was laying on my bottom staring at the shocked faces in front of me, I watched them as it sunk in, it was then, that the whole of my class burst into cheers of laughter especially Beth. She was gloating because she is not only sporty but dramatic also, although she is in a low set so she obviously isn't much of a bright spark, she did the best out of the girls in drama (of course.) As you can probably imagine my face, it was the colour of beetroot.

I find it hard enough standing up in front of people talking, not to mention falling out of a window-half way through one of my lines-and hitting a boy (Luke) on my way down. You laughed didn't you? People were still talking about my flying act hours later.

After school Ruby took me out for pizza, and there we saw Beth again and her crew, she walked over to us just as Ruby was doing a funny impression of one of her teachers (Ruby is slightly mad.) She was looking ridiculous when Beth said " Oi, I see a big, hairy gorilla has escaped from the zoo" to Ruby, and to me she said "my birthdays coming up soon, I was wondering whether you wanted to come?" I was shocked that she had finally put what happened at cross country behind us. "Y'know so you can do your diving act" then Beth and her crew laughed at walked away. I pity her I really do; she obviously has nothing better to do with her life than make other people feel miserable. I for one am not falling for it. Ha, get it? See, now I'm making jokes about it.

At home now, Dads at work, and mum has gone off somewhere with her friends, leaving me with Abby. She seems bored of her TV programmes so I'm going to take her to the pond to feed the ducks, the weather is a bit cloudy but I know she will enjoy it. She's so cute.

Write Soon x

April Lister

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