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Northwold Parish Council Meeting

June 2010


Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mr D George, Mrs S Leet, Mrs V Lynch, Miss A Muir, Mr J Norris, Mr M Peake, Mrs T Waller, Mr M Wells.

3 members of the public

PCSO's Claire Law and Esther Bortz attended the start of the meeting and reported on the following:

* Parishioners were advised to be diligent regarding hire of the village hall as seemingly innocent bookings at local halls have turned out to be planned raves.

* Following contact from the Head Teacher regarding parking issues outside the Primary School PCSO's have attended but witnessed no problems at the time. The PCSO's will monitor the situation. It is hoped that in time PCSO's will be given the power to issue tickets to vehicles which are causing an obstruction.

* There have been car break ins reported at Cranwich Heath. Advice is not to leave valuables visible in unattended vehicles.

* The next CAG meeting is to be held on 07/04/10 in Denver.

* PCSO Law stressed that although no problems have been reported recently anyone with concerns of happenings in the village, especially around the Playing Field area, should let the Safer Neighbourhood Team know. Villagers can either contact the Team directly or via the Parish Council.

* Concerns were raised regarding speeding at Whittington Hill. It is possible traffic counting could be undertaken and speed measurements recorded. PCSO Law will request a visit from the SAM team which could then trigger further speed monitoring. The Parish Council made a request for a copy of results once obtained.

1. Apologies for absence

Mr M Roberts

County Councillor, Mr Tony White, requested that his apologies be noted for this and previous meetings.

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 02/03/10 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings

* Mr. George has looked in the loft at the Village Hall. No Parish Council papers are stored there.

* Mrs Sue Leet was welcomed as a new member of the Parish Council.

* Following communication with Miss Muir, the motorist who crashed through the fence at the Chalk Pit has repaired the hole in the fencing. However, the Parish Council feels the job is not acceptable as the fencing would not be horse proof (which it was before the accident). It was decided the person responsible should be informed the repair is not acceptable and he will be asked to meet with Councillors to agree what further repair is needed.

* The new play equipment at the Playing Field is in use. Mr. Roberts added wadding to the gate of the new play equipment but this has already been removed.

* Notices have been posted and flyers delivered to advertise the meeting to be held on April 21st regarding affordable housing.

* Mr Mark Roberts has quoted a price of £90.90 plus VAT to purchase water meters for the Playing Field. Three meters may be needed and it is anticipated no labour costs would be involved for installation. This matter will be an agenda item for the May meeting when more information should be available. The Chairman will make enquiries regarding the layout of the water pipes which feed the pavilion. A letter received from the Bowls Club regarding payment of water bills was made available to Councillors. The Clerk will inform the Bowls Club that this matter will be further discussed at the May Parish Council meeting.

* The BCKLWN Tree Officer has been contacted for advice regarding trees in the Old Cemetery. A response is awaited.

* It was previously recommended that the Manor House should remain an agenda item for each Parish Council meeting. This matter will be reinstated on the agenda. BCKLWN Conservation Officer, Mrs Pam Lynn has volunteered to update Mr. Peake with any news concerning this property.

4.1 Northwold Annual Parish Meeting is usually held on the same evening as the Parish Council Annual Meeting. Therefore the Annual Parish Meeting will be held on May 4th at 7pm to be followed by the Parish Council Annual Meeting.

5. Reports

5.1 Chairman's Report

* The Parish Council has been invited to enter a team in the Village Hall Quiz. Miss Muir, Mrs Lynch, Mr Wells and the Chairman volunteered to represent the Parish Council.

* Queries have been raised regarding the provision of more dog waste bins in the village. One damaged bin needs to be replaced and the Parish Council will consider this and possibly extra bins when finances allow. A while ago it appeared the bins were not being emptied regularly but there no longer seems to be a problem. However, the Chairman asked dog walkers to monitor emptying of the bins and report to the Parish Council if bins appear full.

* The owner of the field next to the lay-by on the A134 has cleared rubbish from the lay-by. This spot is often strewn with rubbish and a request will be made to Highways regarding litter picking of the area. It is feared that with opening times of the recycling centre at Crimplesham being reduced fly tipping may escalate.

* It was agreed the £400 Pride in Norfolk award money should be put toward the provision of new parish notice boards.

5.2 Clerk's Report

* The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has recently published new Standing Orders for Local Councils. Adoption of Standing Orders and Financial Regulations will be an agenda item for the May Parish Council Meeting.

* The Annual Returns for 2007/08 and 2008/09 have been received back from the External Auditor.

5.3 Report from the Parish Council Working Party meeting held on 16/03/10

* Notes from the meeting were presented to Councillors. Recommendations were that ownership of land belonging to the Parish Council should be registered, new agreements should be drawn up for hire of any land (including the Constables Charity land), and rents of land need to be reviewed. NALC has been asked to consider whether present hiring arrangements are adequate and further investigation will be made regarding land owned by the Parish Council. The Parish Council maintains a strip of land which gives access to the river at Whittington. The Rights of Way Officer will be contacted to ascertain whether this area is a Right of Way and ownership will be checked.

It was agreed as deeds exist for Northwold and Whittington Playing Fields these areas of land should be registered at a cost of £80.00.

New lease agreements and revision of rent for the Garden land and the Constables Charity land will be agenda items for the May Parish Council meeting.

5.4 Report regarding mapping of the cemetery

The meeting was suspended to allow Mrs Ann Howarth to report on her work to map the cemetery:

Mrs Howarth has nearly completed a plan showing grave allocation in Northwold Cemetery. This has been a massive undertaking and anomalies are still being investigated. Mrs Howarth has checked that what is on the ground is recorded accurately in the burial books. The Parish Council is extremely grateful to Mrs Howarth for volunteering to undertake this project. Thanks were expressed to Mrs Howarth for her time and effort and to Mr Phillip Bowers for sharing his knowledge of the cemetery. Mrs Howarth will pass an electronic copy of her work to the Parish Council.


* The letter box in Little London was removed some time ago. It was reported that planning permission is being sought to reinstate the box as it can no longer be positioned on a telegraph pole.

* It was reported that an agreement was drawn up between the Parish Council and the Sports & Social Club in 2003. This will be investigated as reference may be made as to who is responsible for paying water rates for the Playing Field.

* Concern was voiced regarding the problems caused by snow on the roads during the winter. The Methwold Road was treacherous as snow clearing was not undertaken. Concerns will be passed to the Highways Department. Requests have been made for grit boxes to be provided in the parish. A future agenda item, when finances allow, will be the purchase of grit bins for each end of Church Lane, Whittington.

* Query was made as to how the cemetery may be expanded when necessary. It was stated there are eighty grave spaces still available in the current cemetery so no further land is needed at present.

* Clarification was made that Country Grounds Maintenance have been awarded the Parish Council grounds maintenance contract for the 2010 season.

* Rent for the Garden Land has not yet been decided.

* It was reported that a post at the corner of the garden land needs repair.

6. The following payments were agreed:

Clerk's salary (March.) £115.20

Inland Revenue £137.61

Mark Roberts £52.16

BCKLWN - dog bin emptying £67.21

NALC(2010 subs) £173.84

NRCC (2010 subs) £15.00

Car scheme £87.00

NPFA (2010 subs) £20.00

Councillors were presented with an updated internal statement of accounts.

The bank balance stood at £1517.13 on 10/03/10.

7. Correspondence

7.1 A meeting has been arranged between the Parish Council and representatives of the Sports & Social Club, to take place at the Social Club on April 27th at 7.30pm.

7.2 NALC leaflet

7.3 Notification of West Norfolk Inter Village Games

7.4 Norfolk Rural Community Council. NCC is gathering information on the social, economic and cultural impact of slow provision of Broadband speeds in Norfolk. NCC is asking for anecdotal evidence of poor performance having an effect on local people. Response should be sent to laura.childs@norfolk.gov.uk.

7.5 Bonnetts will no longer be maintaining the roundabout at Whittington as an invoice of £641.97 has been submitted to them, from the Highways Department, for "Traffic Island Sponsorship".

7.6 Copies of slides from the presentation given at the BCKLWN planning training recently attended by Miss Muir will be copied to Councillors.

8. Planning

Notice of Decision:

Listed Building Consent is granted for internal alterations at Sycamore House, 43 High Street, Northwold 10/00087/LB

9. Further reports

* It was suggested an article could be published in the Village Life and the Village Pump outlining the role of the Parish Council.

Parish Clerk

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