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Minutes of the Wereham Annual Parish Council

June 2010

Minutes of the 2010 Wereham Annual Parish Council meeting held in May 2010

Minutes of the Wereham Annual Parish Council Meeting held following the Parish Meeting held on 11th May 2010

Present: P. Markwell, C. Humphries, Mrs. Everitt, Mrs. Newell, P. Norris, M/s Norris, D. Pickston and Mr. J. Eastgate

Apologies: None

Election of Chairman: The clerk called for nominations for Chairman - P. Markwell was proposed by C. Humphries and seconded by P. Norris - there were no other nominations and P. Markwell was duly elected and returned to the Chair.

Election of Vice Chairman: Nominations were called for and C. Humphries was proposed by Mrs. Newell and seconded by Mrs. Everitt - there were no other nominations and C. Humphries was duly elected.

1 Minutes: It was proposed by C. Humphries and seconded by D. Pickston that the Minutes of the meeting held on 9th March 2010 be signed as a correct record. Matters Arising: Registration of the old Bowling Green area is still progressing slowly. There are various County Council matters still outstanding and Mr. Eastgate agreed to deal with these - road sign Gibbett Lane / Cavenham Road junction: Flegg Green Sign broken : Wretton Row pot holes : Flashing 40 Sign not working : manhole outside Autoville on the Al 34 very loose and the gulley in The Row is still blocked. A tree surgeon is still awaited for the trees in the grass area out side the Village Hall.

2 Planning: Mr & Mrs Hobbs - Two storey side extension to dwelling at Cawtafford Cottage, Back Lane Wereham.

3 Payments: Village Hall £36.00 : Mazars £57.15 : Acorn Tree Services £117.50:

Norfolk Association of Local Councils £132.57 : W.N.B.C. £34. 80 : AON Ltd £943. 47 : Land Registry £40. 00 - proposed D. Pickston and seconded Mrs. Everitt pass for payment.

Adoption of Accounts: It was proposed by C. Humphries and seconded by Mrs. Newell that the accounts be adopted as presented.

Appointment of R.F.O. The Clerk is to continue.

Review of Burial Fees: After a discussion it was agreed that there will be no change this year.

Payment of Electricity Account: This is to continue to be paid by Direct Debit.

Correspondence: Your Council : Norfolk Link: Signpost - all agreed. Nfk. Playing Field Assoc. explaining benefits - noted. W.N.B.C. Special expenses defined - clerk to obtain price from local contractor for dealing with the specific areas. Request for donation from Tapping House - noted. N.C.C. Re-cycling Centre times and days:

Norfolk Police Authority - Custody Visiting Scheme : W.N.B.C. Derelict Buildings:

C.G.M. Tree Management - all noted.

Any Other Business: Standing Orders manual requested by P. Norris. Manor gateway drain blocked, new Notice Board requested by P. Norris who suggests it be positioned in Queens Close. The clerk requested permission to ask Mrs. Angela Lankfer to be the internal Auditor as the original person unavailable at present -agreed.

The meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.

Parish Clerk

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