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June 2010

A monthly update from Boughton

Flower Festival 1-3 May 2010

Many thanks are due to all those who took part in the recent festival at Boughton. In spite of all our difficulties, it all turned out well in the end! I'm amazed at how much was put together from 1pm onwards after Mrs Burton's funeral, augmented by the lovely flowers from the service. Not just the flower arrangers showing their expertise and imagination, but all those who provided the lovely artwork, made cakes and manned the refreshments and raffles are truly appreciated . We seemed to have a steady stream of visitors on all three days, in spite of truly cold weather and the final result was much better than last year. The final total raised was £554.06, so well worth doing. This year we have to fund a series of minor building repairs , which I hope will have been completed by the time this is published, and the refurbishment of the East window where the metal is bowing away from the glass.

Pam Wakeling

Cynthia Burton

Cynthia moved to Jubilee Lodge, Boughton in May 1969 with her husband Brian and five of their six children, one staying in Corby as he was an apprentice at the steelworks there. Cynthia first worked at Geoff Waterfalls at Methwold for many years. She used to drive the big RAF bus to pick up the workers, work all day and then take them home. She used to deliver onions to Aylesbury ready for making onion rings. She left there and worked at Frigoscandia in King's Lynn for a while and finally worked at Thermos Flasks at Thetford for a few years on Quality Control until she had to leave to look after her mother and father.

She was a keen gardener and grew nearly all her own plants for bedding etc. She would dig the flower gardens and plant her flowers. She was a good cook and was always making different jams which she gave to family and friends. She used to go round next door to Mrs Ambrose nearly every day. Mrs Ambrose said she was her daughter. She would get on with anybody if they were prepared to speak to her. She fed the birds daily and knew all the different species.

She was a wonderful wife, married to Brian for over fifty-eight years, mother, Gran and Great-Gran and will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

She collapsed on the morning of 21st April and was rushed to hospital but after five hours of operation she passed away. She was a very good, likeable person to all who knew her. She loved her pets, Sandy the dog and Scooby the cat. Sandy would lie on her feet in the evenings when he came in.

Brian Burton

All Saints' Church Bells

Last month, Brian Hullah produced an excellent article for G4N on the bells in All Saints' Church, Boughton. In the article Brian postulated that the style of the lettering on Bell Number 3 (tenor) meant that it was probably cast by William Dobson of Downham Market, this has been 'confirmed' by cross-reference to published work by Derek Thackerray, one time Churchwarden of Boughton, on the history of All Saints', with the text "No.3 "Francis Woods Churchwarden AD 1807 Cast by Dobson".

The photographs below show two of the bells, a view, I guess, that many parishioners may not have seen.

If you are interested in the history of All Saints' then further information can be found on the Group4 News website (located under History/Pictures>Boughton>All Saints' Church).

Pam Wakeling

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