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Wretton Parish Council

May 2010

Minutes of the March meeting of Wretton Parish Council





Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman, Cllr A Box, Cllr M Peake, Cllr S Briston, Cllr L Peake.

5 members of the public

1. No Apologies for Absence received.

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

3. The Minutes of the meeting held on 11/01/10 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising

* Comment was made that Anglianwater did not respond very quickly to a water leak by the Old Red Lion.

* Cllr M Peake has cleared briars along Church Path.

* An e-mail has been received from Highways via Borough Councillor Mr. Colin Sampson regarding the footpath between Wretton and Stoke Ferry. Work on improvement to the footpath is scheduled to be undertaken in 2011/12 and spraying and maintenance of the present footway will be undertaken at the start of the 2010 season.

5. Chairman's Report

* Tree planting in memory of Mr. Proctor is to take place on the Green on March 13th. The Chairman will take part and ensure trees are positioned as decided by the Parish Council.

* The Chairman has had no recent communication with Anglianwater. There is concern a build up of debris in the dyke could result in the culvert by Orchard House becoming blocked. Mr. Llewellyn registered an interest in this location.

* The possible provision of allotments in the parish is still to be considered.

Clerk's Report

The Clerk had no further reports to make as matters raised will be covered in other agenda items.

6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Cheques for approval of payment

MHB Services x2 £31.85

SJ Scarrott (Jan./Feb.) £109.58

NRCC (2010 subs) £15.00

NPFA (2010 subs) £20.00

I.R £22.25

SLCC subs £23.60

Finance - Feb. 28th 2009

Community Account Balance £324.38

Business Premium Account (1) £685.85

Business Premium Account (2) £12249.59

Business Reserve Account £3963.93


The May agenda will include discussion as to how money held in reserve should be allocated to future projects.

6.1 A request has been received for the Parish Council to pay for insurance of the Wretton at War event being organised by Wretton Historical Organisation to take place on the Green on Sunday 23rd May 2010. The cost of the insurance will be researched before a decision is made.

The Parish Council has also been asked to provide materials for two planters for the event. More information as to what is wanted will be sought with the view to possibly allowing a temporary 'dig for victory' garden rather than establishing any permanent feature on the Green. The Parish Council is not in favour of a permanent garden on the Green.

7. Correspondence

1. Inter Village Games

2. Norfolk Link etc.

3. Energy Saving Trust - Green Communities leaflet

4. BCKLWN Council meeting agenda

5. Street lighting - implementation of part night lighting

6. BCKLWN - Development Control Board resolved to object to the removal of kiosks thereby not allowing adoptions to proceed

7. BCKLWN Financial Assistance Scheme

A request to erect temporary signs on the Green warning people of emerging daffodils was turned down.

The Church has contacted the Parish Council regarding refurbishment of the Church clock. The Parish Council has previously offered to assist with this and the Church will obtain a quote to be submitted to the Council for consideration.

A request to move the Church notice board from behind the play area fence and mount it on the fence was granted.

8. Planning

A Parish Council planning meeting was held on February 8th 2010 to discuss the following:

Proposal: Two detached dwellings and garages

Location: Land at Oak Tree Farm, Chequers Road, Wretton 09/02164/F


9. Co-option of Councillor

One applicant has come forward to join the Parish Council and thus Mr. John Wyatt was duly co-opted to the vacancy.

10. Street Lighting Policy - part night lighting

The Parish Council is responsible for nine street lights in Wretton. This does not include the lights at Jane Forby Close. It was agreed to conduct a review of lighting and obtain a quote to replace the street lights, which the Parish Council is responsible for, with units of current recommended specification. Consideration may be given to part night lighting. Parishioners will be consulted on this matter to establish what is preferred.

11. Communication and the possible publication of a regular village newsletter

Discussion took place regarding whether the Parish Council should produce a regular newsletter. A newsletter will be published before the next Parish Council meeting in which parishioners can be asked what they would like to see happening in the village. Such matters as to whether allotments are wanted by residents could be raised.

The Parish Council website has not cost the Parish Council any money for the past two years but hosting costs are due next month. The chairman suggested the site could be made more user friendly and he will obtain quotes for expanding the website.

12. It was agreed the Annual Parish Meeting will be held on May 10th 2010 starting at 7.00pm, to be followed at 8.00pm by the Annual Parish Council meeting.

13. Other reports/items for the next agenda

13.1 The weight restriction sign on the West Dereham Road has been put back.

13.2 Overgrown hedges in the parish are in need of cutting back. Owners have been contacted and this matter will now be passed to Highways.

13.3 The Church has requested that the area at the front of the Church, which has previously not been maintained, be added to the village maintenance contract. A quote will be requested and this matter will be considered at the May Parish Council meeting.

13.4 Some further discussion took place regarding the provision of allotments. It was reported that Stoke Ferry Parish Council has recently been looking into this matter also. The Clerk will contact Stoke Ferry Parish Clerk with the possible idea that both parishes work together to provide allotments if there is a need.

13.5 Complaints were received regarding the path at All Saints Place being overgrown by a privet hedge that is probably the responsibility of Freebridge Housing.

13.6 It was reported that parking along Church Road is becoming more of a problem. Residents were reminded in the last newsletter to be considerate and this will be reiterated. This matter could be further discussed at the Parish meeting.

13.7 Concern was raised regarding bright lights shining from residential properties. Advice was given that such nuisances should be reported to The Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk.

13.8 Discussion took place regarding access and ownership of Lime House Drove. The Rights of Way Officer and Stoke Ferry Clerk will be approached for possible further information.

Parish Clerk

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