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The Diary of Emerald Green

May 2010

This months peek at Emerald's diary.

It was my sister Abby's birthday last month it wasn't really anything special because she is only three now and won't really remember it. Me, Mum, Dad and Abby were in the same room at the same time for about an hour, before Dad had to go back to work again. He is always working.

Going on holiday soon, I know what you're thinking why are we going away when I have just had two weeks off school? The reason is that it was a last minute thing and we thought that at Easter time all the hotels are too crowded and our little family doesn't like crowds.

Ever since the cross country "incident" Beth has been has been finding new ways to get at me. Stupid things really like sticking her foot out as I walk by in the halls, spreading rumours and laughing at me in the dinner hall. I found her childish behaviour funny at first, but now it's distracting and it's harder to ignore. It's one of those things that is in every school, but noone has ever thought to pick on me before, I suppose I usually just get on with everyone. Beth is an exception (if you have more than half a brain cell) you wouldn't want to be friends with someone like her.

We are going to Cyprus on holiday. Aw the lovely hot sunshine beating down, I'd love a sun-tan as much as the next girl but there is something even better about the hotel we are going to. It has to be the warm satisfied feeling you get laying in the sun with a fruity (non alcoholic) cocktail lying by your side. The best thing by far is watching the happy families splashing around in the pools; sometimes I draw them, capturing the shading on their faces, the joy in their eyes and the relaxation as one man lays back on an inflatable lie-lo. Slowly I watch the man drifted off to sleep unsuspectingly in the warm safe Cyprus air. Then one of two of his caring relatives seeks behind him and pushes him off. It always makes me laugh seeing the shock on that man's face as he is plunged into the cold water of the swimming pool. If I don't see it happen this holiday, then dad is in for a shock!

Write Soon x

April Lister

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