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Open Letter to our readers,

May 2010

Wendy is upset at being accused of not cleaning up after her dog, with good reason

Church Lane, Whittington.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. D.O.Gooder,

Thank you for your anonymous letter posted through my door, which you did not have the courage to put your name to. Obviously I have no way to reply other than by publishing this in local village magazines.

It caused great upset and spoilt my weekend because of the untruths you wrote. I do carry bags and I always clear up after my dog. He never messes in Whittington Village only occasionally urinating, which I can not stop him or clear up. He is trained never to cock his leg or wee up people's gateposts or vehicles.

It is obviously a case of mistaken identity and I am not prepared to carry the can for all the dog owners that do not clear up along Bridge Road, often leaving mess on the pavements.

I can recommend a good optician to help with sight tests and observation, because I always carry "Little Black Bags" purchased from Morrison's.

I am sorry you felt you could not approach me in person and that you have nothing better to do with your time.

Wendy Hodson

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