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April 2010

Thge latest happenings in the West Dereham Heritage Group

The meeting with Mrs Win Smith on the 18th of February had to be cancelled right at the last minute because of the weather. Just after 4pm it started to snow hard and by 5pm the roads were very slippery so it was decided to abandon the meeting and try to get Mrs Smith to come when the weather is better and warmer.

The very cold winter has taken it's toll on local roads as well with some huge potholes in Station and Church Roads. The highways department have been busy over the past week making repairs and also doing more work on the Wereham Road.

We have plans to make our web site more interesting in the not too distant future when it is hoped to publish some of my articles from the past publications. It is for benefit of people out of the local area who have an interest in the Village history.

Contact has been made recently with persons in the United States of America who are related to Edward and Rachael Barrow who kept the shop and Post Office from 1903 to 1935. Edward was our first Postmaster when West Dereham was granted its own PO in 1906. They were kind enough to let us have a copy of a photograph of the couple when they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

Richard C. French.

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