River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Diary of Emerald Green

April 2010

"Emerald" reminds us of the dificulties facing our teenagers

Cross country race is tomorrow. It is only a short course, 2 miles, but I am still nervous. I entered it through a club I go to, they signed me up, and I have been practising for weeks now, What with the option choosing I had forgotten that it was just tomorrow. PE, Geography and Art are my chosen options and I can't wait until September when I get started on them, I'm so sick of lessons like Drama.

You may think I seem like a confident person, and I am, it's just the thought of getting up in front of people and trying to be someone you're not. It's stupid; I'd rather be running outside being able to control myself and my body, instead of "letting loose" as they say in Drama.

Out of the 45 people who entered the race, I came 17th which I am really proud of. There was a girl from my school and my club who I was competing against. Whilst I was beating her she tripped, and after the race she blamed me, said that I stuck my leg out when we were side by side. This of course was a lie, I would never cheat! I was so shocked when my coach (who is also her coach) came and took me away after the race. Why would I trip up someone from my own club? The coach didn't believe me though, Beth is a very good liar, and she lies all the time at school. I remember the last time, she started a fight because a girl-in the year above us both- stood up to her, so Beth punched her in the face, the fight mounted and teachers came out to break it up, it took 5 teachers to break them up. 3 on Beth and 2 on the other girl, Beth is vicious, I usually just ignore her but I was livid that she would make up such a terrible lie about me.

I yelled at her "You're just jealous because I came three places ahead of you, what have I ever done to you?" She replied with "you tripped me up, you're a cheater and cheaters don't deserve to do well." Then she gave me a look like a spoilt puppy and walked away. I'm not usually an aggressive person but that girl makes me want to knock that stupid smile of her face. I'm going outside for run, it's unfair that she's going to get away with this and at practice on Thursday the coach is probably going to be having more "words" with me. All I can hope for is that she will get her come-up-pence eventually.

Write soon x

April Lister

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