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April 2010

Update on the proposed refurbishment of St Andrews Church

Readers of the Village Pump will probably be aware that St Andrew's Church, West Dereham, is due to close shortly after Easter for a second "tranche" of repairs - this time to both the North Windows, which are both having their stone tracery renewed and the glass fixed securely in place. Also during these months the South porch is having major reconstruction work both on the outside and gable end, and to the barrel-vault inside.

Because of the major dust implication and limited access through scaffolding, it was felt that we could not use the church for several months, allowing the builders a free run to complete their work without a deadline. So from Easter Sunday until mid-August, St Andrew's congregation will be meeting at St Mary's Church, Bexwell. The service timings will be the same - 11 am on the first Sunday of each month and 9.30am on the other three.

When this work is completed we intend to make a start on the internal enlargement of the porch to create a disabled-size toilet and cleaners' store on either side of the entrance, with space on the platform above for our "new" pipe-organ, presently in store, which we were donated by Warminster School. The work up aloft will also assist us to complete the rewiring of the church, most of which is at eaves level.


Last year some potential artists were unable to take part because of short notice to practice their items. We hope that April to September will give them a good long "lead-time" and that, when we get to 10th September they will be "raring to go"!

All items, musical solos, instrumental, duets, ensembles together with poems, readings, drama - any item which will make a good varied programme for those who have come to perform to listen to as others sing play or read.

There will be further reminders and an entry form in a month or so.


Chris Young

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