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Northwold with Whittington PC Minutes

April 2010

Minutes of the February meeting of Northwold PC



Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mr D George, Mrs V Lynch, Miss A Muir, Mr J Norris, Mr M Peake, Mr M Roberts, Mrs T Waller.

3 members of the public

Mrs Crisp apologised that no Parish Council meeting had been held in January due to the bad weather conditions.

1. Apologies for absence

Mr M Wells

2. Declarations of Interest

Mrs V Lynch declared an interest in item 8.1.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 01/12/09 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings

* Miss A Muir attended planning training in January and is booked to attend another session on March 5th.

5. Reports

5.1 Chairman's Report

* Anne Howarth has spent many hours working on the update of the burial records for the cemetery. Several errors have been corrected and the Parish Council are grateful for the hard work undertaken by those endeavouring to ensure the burial records are rectified and up to date.

* Northwold application for funding towards new notice boards has been short-listed in the Norfolk Association of Local Councils Your Parish Your Decision awards project. Representatives from the village will attend an event on February 20th to present their idea to a voting audience. If successful grant funding will be released for the new notice boards.

* Mark Roberts was thanked for the work he carried out to repair a leaking water pipe at the Playing Field. The metering of water at the Playing Field will need to be discussed as soon as possible. It is felt those who use water at the Playing Field ought to contribute towards the water used.

5.2 Clerk's Report

* Contact has been made with the motorist who damaged the fence at the Old Chalk Pit. He is to make arrangements to repair the fence.

* Notices have been displayed in the parish stating the vacancy on the Parish Council can now be filled by co-option and volunteers are invited to apply in writing to the Clerk.

* Two tenders have been received for grass cutting in the parish for 2010. This matter will be an agenda item for the March Parish Council meeting.

* An e-mail has been received from the Environment Agencies Operations Delivery Team Leader based at King's Lynn who is responsible for maintenance activities carried out on the Northwold stream. Weed control maintenance has been carried out downstream of Northwold from the mouth of the River Wissey to the point where there is no longer access for the tracked excavator. This ensures that water flows quickly away from Northwold. A large blockage has been removed which was the cause of high water levels and two large fallen trees that could cause a build up of debris will be cleared as soon as the weather permits. This year a thorough clearing of the stream in the village will be undertaken by hand. This will include clearing any overhanging branches. Water levels are monitored on a daily basis in the vicinity of Northwold and all levels have been normal for the time of year.

* The Parish Council public liability insurance covers anyone using Parish Council facilities but does not extend to cover the Bowls Club in any other way.

5.3 Pride in Norfolk will remain an agenda item as there is a need to agree how to spend the £400 allocated from this fund.

5.4 Mr. George attended a meeting on January 27th regarding the provision of affordable housing. A Housing Needs Survey was undertaken around three years ago and it was suggested this should be repeated to gauge whether needs have remained the same. There are presently thought to be six families in Northwold eligible for affordable housing and four in the adjoining parishes. It is planned to hold a drop in session on April 7th in the village to outline what is meant by Affordable Housing and see what interest there may be for provision of such accommodation. Proposals will be published in the Village Life and the Village Pump.


* The dog bin on the corner at Riverside has been damaged. Mr. Ian Harper offered to undertake a temporary repair and the matter of replacing the bin will be an agenda item for a future meeting.

* It was noted that rent on the garden land next to the cemetery is due in March. Rental agreements need to be drawn up with tenants.

* It was reported by a member of the public that the river should be dredged once arrangements have been made to suspend the electricity supply to allow the dredger to safely pass underneath the electrical wires.

* A request has been made for a reduction in the speed limit to 30mph between Little London and Northwold. This matter has been raised before and it is thought unlikely this will happen.

6. The following payments were agreed:

MHB Services (street lighting maintenance x3 ) £148.28

E.on Energy (street light electric x2) £287.88

Village Hall Committee £10.00

Adventure Playgrounds Ltd £6748.00

Allianz (insurance for play equipment) £195.69

Internal Audit £180.00

Clerk's salary (Nov., Dec,. Jan.) £320.49

Anglianwater £217.53

Car scheme £129.30

The bank balance stood at £10254.25 on January 14th with the above cheques to be issued.

6.1 It was agreed to make the final payment of £6748.00, as listed above, to Adventure Playgrounds. Discussion took place regarding the latch on the gate to the new play equipment and Mr. Roberts offered to look at the latch with a view to removing it. If it is deemed necessary to fit a latch to the gate this will be undertaken.

6.2 Neither original nor current lease agreements seem to exist between the Parish Council and the Sports & Social/Affiliated clubs. However, it is indicated in past records that a new agreement would be due in 2010. Legal assistance may be needed to draw up new agreements and Norfolk Association of Local Councils will be approached for advice. It was agreed the best way forward would be for all parties to meet to discuss what would be wanted in any new agreements.

6.3 The 2007/08 and 2008/09 Annual Return forms were completed as appropriate. It was agreed that a covering letter from the Parish Council will be submitted to the external auditors with the Annual Returns explaining the Councils responses. This will be supported by a letter from the internal auditor. Present Councillors are not able to confirm the budgetary process was adequate and this will be conveyed in a letter to accompany the Annual Return forms to be submitted to the External Auditors.

6.4 Mrs. R Crisp and Mrs. V Lynch are cheque signatories for the Parish Council bank account and it was agreed that Mr. D George would replace Mr. S Freemantle as the third signatory.

6.5 Arrangements relating to the lease of the Constables Charity land at Stoke Ferry need to be reviewed and this will be an agenda item again for the March meeting of the Parish Council. A new tenant agreement may be needed and an acceptable rent for the land needs to be set.

7. Correspondence

7.1 A letter has been received from Mr. I. Harper regarding the accuracy of the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on November 3rd 2009. It was noted that Mr. Harper felt reporting of item No. 17 was inaccurate. Correct procedures at meetings are followed but acknowledgement was made by Councillors that formalities were perhaps not adhered to on the occasion in question.

7.2 Boundary Committee Structural Review of Norfolk - latest update

7.3 NCC top priority Salting Routes

7.4 Development Services Newsletter -


7.5 Street lighting policy - introduction of part night lighting

7.6 LDF Core Strategy - Proposed Submission Document

7.7 Letter from Mr. Cator regarding the water bill for the Playing Field

It has been suggested that two water meters should be installed at the Playing Field and quotes will be obtained for this. The Bowls Club is still to pay a contribution to the water bill.

7.8 Northwold Tennis Club has requested permission to plant a hedge along the length of the tennis court on the side of the cricket field to act as a windbreak. It was agreed this should be allowed.

8. Planning

Mr. M Peake took no part in discussion relating to agenda item 8.

8.1 Two storey extension to dwelling at 11 Pinfold Lane 09/02090/F 09/02090/F


8.2 Internal alterations to existing second floor bedroom to form new ensuite shower at Sycamore House, 43 High Street, Northwold 10/0007/LB


8.3 Notice of Decision - Permission granted to remove condition 3 of planning permission DM 6634 to allow property to be occupied without agricultural residency at Winyards, Methwold Road 09/01650/F

9. Further reports

9.1 A request was made to investigate the possibility of obtaining a 40mph speed limit and flashing Vehicle Activated Signs at Whittington Hill.

9.2 Grit boxes were requested for both ends of Church Lane, Whittington - to be an agenda item for a future meeting.

9.3 The playground sign at Whittington needs to be put back.

9.4 It was suggested that information regarding the role of the Parish Council could be published in the Village Life magazine. Names and addresses of Councillors are to be included in the next edition. It was requested that Councillors details should be published in Stoke Ferry pump also.

Parish Clerk

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