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Minutes of Wereham Parish Council meeting

April 2010

Minutes of March meeting of Wereham PC

Minutes of the meeting of Wereham Parish Council

held on Tuesday 9th March 2010 in The Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.

Present: P. Markwell - Chairman, C. Humphries, D. Pickston, Mrs. Newell. Mrs. Everitt, P. Norris together with 8 members of the public.

Apologies: M/s Norris

1. Minutes: P. Norris requested two amendments before the January Minutes could be signed - (1) the word Solicitor in second paragraph of Matters Arising be amended to read Frazer Dawbarn and (2) the insertion of the question raised by a member of the public "what happens if the Village Hall cannot raise the necessary money?" and the chairman replied "the hall would close". Following these amendments P. Norris proposed and Mrs. Newell seconded that the minutes be signed as a correct record.

2. Matters Arising: The ex Bowling Green area of the Playing field is now fenced and the papers are with the Land Registry Office - reply is awaited. Crown Gardens - some of the Street Lights are to be switched off for 5 hours in the night from 2012. The Road Sign in Gibbet Lane is still missing. The Playing Field hedge has now been cleared and fenced - the Parish Councillors unanimously praised the workmanship of the job and the clerk was instructed to write and say how pleased they are with the fence. D. Pickston has cut the Oak tree branches and he also asked if the precept had been granted. N.C.C. grassed area between the A 134 and the Village Hall - the matter is still in hand.

3. Planning Applications: T. Hewitt - Replacement of flat roof with pitched roof at Manor House, Wereham - recommend approval.

Evolve Estates, Old Post Office, Back Street. Wereham - Barn conversion with small side extension to form two self contained dwellings - recommend approval.

4. Payments: Norfolk Playing Field Assoc. £20.00: Nfk. R.C.C. £25.00: A. Peake £60.00: R & B Professional: £1252.55. Due to a saving of £484.00 in the difference between the anticipated Playing Field hedge work and the slightly reduced job, it was agreed to divide the difference in two and donate £250.00 to the Village Hall. It was proposed by Mrs. Newell and seconded by Mrs. Everitt these accounts be passed for payment.

5. Correspondence: Norfolk Link : Norfolk Association Council - Standing Orders for Local Councils - clerk to photocopy for Councillors to be given a copy: W.N.B.C. -Special Expenses - clerk to request Borough Council to state exact nature of the special expenses.

6. Any Other Business: It was proposed by P. Norris and seconded by D. Pickston that at each November meeting there is to be a ~wish list' prepared together with a costing for the following year. For the Mat 2010 meeting a list is to be compiled of all the Parish Council 'regular' payments. P. Norris stated that from Neighbourhood Watch Police meeting there has been a speed check carried out through the Village and no vehicles were found to be speeding. It has been confirmed that a rubber strip is eventually going to be placed on the A 134 - this will check number and speed of all passing vehicles. It was reported that two performances of the Pantomime had taken place in the Village Hall to which members of the public were enthralled and some felt they had moved back 50 years - all as stated by P. Norris. Mrs. Everitt confirmed that Dogs - No Fouling Signs have been placed in Queens Close. The Flegg Green sign at the Wretton Road end of the road is missing.

A request was made for a sand bin to be sited on St. Margaret's Hill between the Church Gate and the Memorial. There are pot holes in Wretton Row and Outside no. 1 The Row and there is a blocked drain between Lammas Meadow Lane and Quaymount Nurseries. Rubbish & twigs etc: near the base of the dead Willow tree around the Pond needs removing and Acorn Trees is to be asked to remove same when the remainder of the tree is removed later this month. P. Norris asked on behalf of M/s Norris if the Clerk was waiting for a Tree Specialist to contact her reference the trees on the grassed area near the Village Hall - the clerk confirmed she was not expecting any such contact.

The meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.

Parish Clerk

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