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Letter to the Editor

April 2010

John remembers a trauma from his you and reminds us that their was no counselling for those involved bacck then

Dear Editor,

I have just been reading a book, borrowed from Downham Library, called "Veteran's Voices". It is quite a harrowing story, particularly where they talk about their horrid memories of watching comrades die and then having to bury them. There was no post traumatic counselling in those days. It took me back to the 1960's when I was involved in an accident in King's Lynn with my mate and two girls from Sutton Bridge. Their was no post traumatic counselling for us either!

That accident changed my life completely. Even today I am affected by the outcome. It took me until after the death of my dear Mum to realise my problem. Talking to a neighbour who lived in Tuck's Cottages in Stoke Ferry she said "You don't get out much John." I told her the reason was that I didn't like wide open spaces. She told me "John, you have agoraphobia!"

I then explained my problem to my Doctor, telling him that I was nervous even when I was working at Methwold HLI. I still suffer from agoraphobia to this day but when people see me walking about in Downham, they think I am alright. But I will tell you now, good people, that some days especially when I am tired it takes me longer to pluck up the courage to walk outside in the open.

John Pointer

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