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Daphne Clements says thanks

April 2010

Daphne thanks the rsidents of Stoke Ferry for their help after Jim Died

Dear Ray

Thank you for your kind words in the March Pump and also to Stoke Ferry Football Club for their kind act before their game on 5th February.

Can I please thank people for all their cards and phone calls and the people that have taken the trouble to call in to see me; it has been a great comfort.

I would like to say a special thank you to Carol Nicholas-Letch for her wonderful service to my Jim. All the family was so pleased with the tributes paid and the kindly approach to what was, for us, a moving and sad occasion. My thanks also to Colin Bond for all his help with Jim's funeral arrangements. Donations received came to £614.00 for the Air Ambulance; he would have felt so humble to think that people would go to so much trouble for him.

Thanks to the Village Hall Committee for all they did for his wake; he loved living in Stoke Ferry and loved all the people he came in contact with.

Thank you all once again

3 Border Road

Stoke Ferry

Daphne Clements

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