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April 2010

Our monthly update from Boughton

Chris Scoles.

Chris Scoles, a son of Boughton, passed away last month.

Chris was born in Boughton, in what was the White Horse pub set by the pond. He lived there for a number of years before moving to Stoke Ferry where he attended the local school. Later he moved back to Boughton and latterly lived in Manor Cottages, where his mother had lived next door also.

A skilled electrician by trade Chris was well known and liked around the village and often helped people with their electrical problems and did jobs for them.

In more recent years he was unable to work, and would frequently be seen walking on his regular journey to Stoke Ferry for his provisions. Although often offered a lift, he would refuse with a cheery wave and a polite 'No thanks, but thank you'.

I only knew Chris for about four years but he came across as a personable chap, and when we met would often discuss old Norfolk ways, much to my benefit in understanding more about local history and customs. He did not much care for the winter, disliking the dull days and long nights. A friend told me that he would often say in November 'see you in spring' and literally disappear from view for a few months, re-appearing when the days started to brighten and lengthen.

He was taken ill towards the end of January and died on February 8th 2010 a sad loss of a true Norfolk man and son of Boughton.

I have drawn the above information from talking to people around the village. If I have any details incorrect or incomplete I would be glad to correct or add to them.

Peter Agate

Boughton Cricket Club gains a cricket ground.

Alan and Rosemary Wilkinson have very generously agreed to lease a parcel of their land to be used as a cricket ground within the village. The Wilkinson Cricket Ground is work in progress. The field has been seeded and we are on our way to having a Cricket pitch. More work is obviously required but we do have a number of enthusiastic people that are keen to get on with the job. An Atco Cylinder mower has been donated by a generous villager to keep the wicket cut. We do realise however that the formation of a good wicket will take time.

Following discussion with Andrew Faherty we are in the advanced stages of forming a Cricket Club affiliated to the ECB. The necessary Officers have been identified, approached and have agreed to undertake the functions needed to constitute a Cricket Club.

Colin Sampson has kindly provided us with the names of Local Councillors that assist with funding for such a venture. There will be the requirement for some substantial facilities ie. Sight Screens, Pavilion, pitch and wicket marking. That is where funding will be needed.

Both Ben Wilkinson and Andrew Faherty are busy organising fixtures and net sessions for the forthcoming season. We have in addition located some photographs of Boughton's original Cricket team; won't it be nice if we could hang them in a new pavilion?

We are on our way and expect to assemble our Officers for the first meeting of the Boughton Cricket Club in the near future.

If you are interested in playing a few friendly games then please contact Angela Faherty on 501335.

Frank Reid.

All Saints Community Project Update - April 2010

Chair sponsorship Appeal.

The chair appeal is proving to be successful and which, including Gift Aid contributions, has reached £2000. This is a magnificent effort and we thank all those in the village who have so far contributed. The appeal is still open so if you would like to make a donation it would most gratefully be received.

We are currently in the process of choosing the chairs, which has proved more challenging than we anticipated. Size, colour, frame type, material and stacking considerations are all matters to be taken account of. However progress is being made and we shall update progress regularly.

Own a piece of Boughton history.

Interest in owning one of the pews being removed to make way for the new chairs has been registered by a number of parishioners. Ensure you do not miss this unique opportunity to own a piece of Boughton history, and to help with the Community Project also. If you would like to register your interest simply return the form in last months G4 news, or contact The Treasurer, BCCDC, Rectory House Oxborough Road Boughton.

Fund Raising.

How is the Project Committee raising the funds needed to carry out the works?

Well, the above two items are examples of how we are trying to raise funds. In addition we have approached specialist organisations asking for grants towards the cost of the works. Our applications are currently under consideration and we shall update as we receive further information.

Additionally we have approached local businesses informing them of the Project and inviting them to support this worthy scheme.

Also there will be a number of events being held throughout the year, and they will be headlined 'In support of the Community Project' we hope you will be able to offer your support by attending these events, and by bringing your friends too!

The All Saints Community Project Committee - April 2010

Boughton Community Speedwatch - April Update

By the time you read this the initial training of volunteers would have taken place under the guidance of the Community Speedwatch liaison officer. The next action is to ensure all volunteers are ready and equipped to carry out low-key speed monitoring of vehicles passing through the village.

If you see them around the village please give a wave and show your support. Remember the Speedwatch team are helping you to stay safe by monitoring vehicles and recording those speeding through our village, often at speeds which would certainly cause mayhem were there to be an accident.

We have been lucky not to have had any incidents recently, when we have all witnessed speeds of 60 plus mph of vehicles passing through the village. Updates about Speedwatch will be issued regularly, providing you with information regarding monitoring in the village.

Boughton Parish Council




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