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Wretton PC Minutes

March 2010

Minutes of the January meeting of Wretton Parish Council





Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman, Cllr M Peake, Cllr S Briston, Cllr L Peake.

Borough Councillor Mr. C Sampson

1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Cllr B Glover

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

3. The Minutes of the meeting held on 10/12/09 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising

* Cllr. M. Peake has not yet cleared briars from Church Path due to the recent bad weather.

5. Chairman's Report

* The Chairman has had no further communication with Angliawater regarding the sewerage system and no bad odour has been reported since the last Parish Council meeting. A water leak by the Old Red Lion has been repaired by Angliawater who also responded to a report of low pressure within six hours.

Clerk's Report

* Following the resignation of Cllr. Mansell no request has been received to hold an election therefore it is now the duty of the Parish Council to fill this vacancy by co-option.

* During the recent icy conditions the Clerk received complaints about the lack of gritting in rural areas.

* Posts to be positioned around the Green are to be obtained through the Highway Department but will need to be collected from Sandringham.

6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Cheques for approval of payment

Clerk's wages/expenses (Nov/Dec 2009) £79.58

MHB Services x2 £31.80

Finance - @ December 31st 2009

Community Account -£107.40

Business Premium Account £685.85

Business Reserve Account £4295.82

Business Premium Reserve Account £12249.59

The Community Account is showing a minus figure as funds need to be transferred. This has proved difficult as the Parish Council is not registered for telephone banking. Cllr. M. Peake offered to visit the local branch to sort this matter out.

7. Correspondence

1. NCC Street Lighting Policy - Introduction of part night lighting. In the future street lights in Jane Forby Close which are the responsibility of Norfolk County Council may be turned off at night. The nine other lights in the parish which are maintained by the Parish Council are not affected by this policy. However, the Parish Council is keen to consider the environmental impact of the street lights and thought will be given to turning lights off at midnight. This will be an agenda item for a future meeting.

2. BCKLWN Local Development Framework Core Strategy - Proposed Submission document.

3. Gritting Routes Leaflet

4. Norfolk Police Authority Open meeting to discuss the budget 2010/11 - Jan. 21st from 6.30pm Jubilee House, Wymondham

5. Liability relating to Parish Council grit bins (there is no bin in Wretton)

6. NRCC meeting - 10.00am Feb. 3rd - Tackling Norfolk's Rural Challenge

7. Broadband Fasterfuture campaign - the leader of the Borough Council is keen for everyone to support a campaign to bring super-fast broadband to King's Lynn and West Norfolk.

8. Planning

Notification of decision:

Extension to dwelling at Ivy Farm, Wretton Road, Stoke Ferry 09/01677/F

Permission granted

9. Dates of future Parish Council meetings

It was agreed to hold future meetings on the second Monday of every other month. Notification of this will be posted on the Parish Council website.

10. Allotments for the parish

Discussion took place as to whether allotments should be provided in the parish. It is difficult to gauge if there is a demand for allotments and a newsletter was to include asking parishioners to let the Parish Council know if they would like an allotment. It was agreed to have an agenda item at the next Parish Council meeting looking at communication and whether a regular newsletter should be published. It was also suggested the Parish Council website could be improved but this would entail spending more money on the website.

11. The Green

Members of the Parish Council met with Mrs Rose Proctor regarding planting trees on the Green in memory of Mr. Proctor. A definitive plan will be drawn showing where trees will be planted. Five trees are planned to be sited on the Green with hedging to be planted at the Churchyard.

12. Other reports/items for the next agenda

12.1 The poor condition of footpaths in the parish and overgrown hedges was noted again. Borough Councillor Mr Sampson was asked if he could make enquiries with the Highway Department regarding the promised path to the Primary School and when anything may be done about the accumulation of water at the entrance of Lime House Drove.

12.2 The overgrown hedge along West Dereham Road has been reported to the landowners.

12.3 The phone box in Wretton is not working. The Parish Council has previously agreed to adopt the phone box and further communication from BT regarding this is awaited.

12.4 Concern was voiced regarding the impassable condition of Lime House Drove from Stoke Ferry Common towards Wretton.

Parish Clerk

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