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Teenage Tangent The Diary of Emerald green

March 2010

April tells us about the dlemmas facing today's teenagers

Decisions, decisions, decisions! It is so hard to choose. Just this morning I was faced with the challenge of picking my breakfast. My choices were cornflakes, a healthy and filling option or coco-pops, chocolate heaven but very unhealthy. Even this straightforward choice has left me puzzled. Little did I know, today I faced an even bigger decision.

It occurred in 6th period I was just walking into my form when my tutor told me I had assembly. In this assembly I was told about "the options" that have to be picked in year 9.The year I am in. I had to decide what my future held in store for me. I was told about four pathways, there is the Triple Science pathway where you can pick two other subjects of your choice (for the really clever people), the Traditional Pathway where you can pick three subjects you like (for the average people), the A.C.E (which is practical learning for the below average.) And the diploma which involves going out of school two days a week to learn about one particular subject of your choice (for smart-average people.)

After hearing about all these different pathways and what they involve I took a long jog around my field. I loved the cool winter air whipping at my face, waking up my tired eyes. As I ran I thought of my options and what would fit me best. I knew what I wanted to pick, but I also knew that I have never been good at making decisions and what if I made the wrong one? When my legs finally gave in I went inside and talked about it with my mum. Her only thoughts were "Do what you want to do." Well thanks mum a lot of help but really what did I expect she's too busy with her own life to worry about mine. Hearing those words and watching mum shoo me out of the kitchen made my mind up for me. I would pick the traditional option, and when I thought about it, it just seemed natural. Like a mother duck finding her ducklings.

The traditional route meant choosing three subjects, one from each of the blocks, A, B & C. I don't know the blocks yet because the teachers organising it haven't reached a conclusion. Already I have a rough idea of what I want to do, PE and perhaps Geography? However you can only pick one topic per block I just hope mine won't be together in a block.

It was then that I thought back to my choices at breakfast. In the end I had a bit of both. Cornflakes and Coco-pops yummy!

April Lister

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