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Norfolk Knowledge

March 2010

A new organisation led by Norfolk County Council and Norwich Business School set up to make use of retired people' experience

Are you a retired or semi-retired person looking to pass on your business and management knowledge and experience?

Are you a business, charity, voluntary organisation looking for help with the challenges of business?

If so, Norfolk Knowledge can help you!

Norfolk Knowledge is a new organisation, led by Norfolk County Council and Norwich Business School at the University of East Anglia and is putting the experience of retired people to good use. It also gives individuals a chance to maintain a presence in the business community and make a difference to organisations who need help.

When Matt Locke of Name in a Hat Productions needed help on the direction of his business, Norfolk Knowledge connected him with Barry Dennis, former CEO of Archant. Matt was delighted with the support, commenting: "Barry gave us many good suggestions on how to improve our marketing and provided introductions to many interesting and useful people. By raising our profile through effective marketing we hope to increase our sales from the advice and help Barry was kind enough to provide us with."

Norfolk Knowledge interactions are also worthwhile for the individual involved. "It was really good to be involved with a young venture and I was very pleased to have given this positive input into their future direction" said Barry.

The help provided is drawn from experience rather than just qualifications; what better way to solve the present financial problems than be guided by someone who has already successfully navigated recessions?

The project is a great opportunity to remain active in the county's business community and meet people from similar backgrounds for professional and social reasons! Our quarterly members functions are as much about social interaction as they are about business networking.

So, whether you are a business looking for help or a retired or semi-retired individual Norfolk Knowledge can help you, www.norfolkknowledge.com provides more details about how you can join the membership or request some support. Alternatively our admin team at Norwich Business School are always happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

For more information about Norfolk Knowledge contact Luke Spanswick on 01603 597202 or email info@norfolkknowledge.com or visit us at www.norfolkknowledge.com

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