River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Diary of Emerald Green

February 2010

April starts her New year with her mythical Diary


For February 2010 I have decided to write a diary. My name is Emerald and being just 14 I haven't really learnt much about life. I have brown hair and green eyes; I'm also a little short for my age. I don't mind school and I have my best friend Ruby who always keeps me company. We've known each other forever, since we were babies and that's what makes us so close.

I live at home with my family, made up of my mum, my dad and my little cutie of a sister, she's just three. Where I live it's quiet and I like it best that way, sometimes it does get bit lonely. Running is my favourite thing to do in my spare time; I like to run around the empty fields that surround my house. I am pretty good at most sports, but on the other hand, on the clever side of things there are a lot of people that outshine me there. Honestly I don't mind though because everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, I'm smart enough to know that, although it does take a long time to realise it.


April Lister

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