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Norfolk County Council's reply to Mark Orton

February 2010

The Coucnil's response to lack of gritting in Wretton

Dear Mr Orton

Thank you for your enquiry about the roads gritted in these locations

In periods of snow fall Low Rd Wretton is gritted so that there is a route from Wretton to Stoke Ferry then on to the A134 via Furlong Rd or Bridge Rd.

We can't grit all of Norfolk's 5965 mile road network because of the time it would take and the cost involved. Our 3 hour gritting runs cover a total of 1900 miles of A, B and some C class roads-commuter and major bus routes and as far as possible one route into all villages

We are not able to treat "cross-county" routes, so you may need to make a slightly longer journey to stay on treated roads.

I am sorry no more can be done at this time

Martin Edmunds

Norfolk County Council - a four star authority

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