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February 2010

Minutes of the November meeting of Wretton PC



Present: Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman, Cllr M Peake, Cllr S Briston, Cllr A Box, Cllr L Peake, Cllr B Glover and 2 members of the public

1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Borough Councillor Mr. C Sampson

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

Councillors were presented with guidance relating to personal and prejudicial interests as supplied by the Borough Council.

3. The Minutes of the meeting held on 08/10/09 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising:

* Posts for around the Green were discussed at the last Parish Council meeting when Cllr. L Peake kindly offered to supply posts. However, the posts were not considered appropriate and this matter is covered under item 9.

* Hedges around the parish are in need of cutting back and landowners concerned will be contacted.

5. Chairman's Report:

* The Chairman gave an update on the present situation regarding the sewerage problems in the village. The working party set up to look into the problems has met with several people and the Chairman has recently been in touch with Anglianwater but has so far received no response. Mrs Margaret Mansell has unfortunately resigned from the Parish Council and will be thanked for her time as a Councillor and particularly with her assistance looking into the sewerage problems. The Chairman feels there are two problems in the village: one with possible illegal discharge into the sewerage system around the area of the Old Red Lion and the other a general problem with the system. The Chairman will continue to pursue Anglianwater and arrangements will be made to hold a public meeting to discuss matters relating to the sewerage system.

* Due to the resignation of Cllr. Mansell the process of recruiting to fill the vacancy on the Parish Council will be initiated.

Clerk's Report:

The Clerk had no further comments to make.

The meeting was briefly closed at 8.50pm to allow audience participation.

A headstone has been damaged in All Saints cemetery due to stones flying up when grass cutting has been undertaken. The contractors responsible have agreed to pay for repair of the headstone and have been asked to be more diligent in future. Other stones in the cemetery have been damaged and grass cutting machinery is also thought to be damaging the rubber matting surface in the play area.

6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Cheques for approval of payment

Clerk's wages/expenses (Sept/Oct plus poppy wreath) £133.56

MHB Services x2 £31.80

Mazars £212.75

CGM £397.25

Finance - @ October 30th 2009

Community Account £363.49

Business Premium Account £685.76

Business Reserve Account £4396.38

Business Premium Reserve Account £12248.45

6.1 Discussion took place regarding the 2010 precept requirements. As it is predicted the Council will keep spending within budget this financial year it was decided there is no justification to increase the precept. The 2010 precept will therefore remain at £3576.

Any projects the Council may undertake will be paid for from reserve money held. Councillors were asked to consider how the reserve money should be allocated. It was suggested an audit of street lights should be undertaken with a view to possible replacement of old lights which could possibly be more efficient and cause less light pollution.

The Church has previously been consulted regarding further financial assistance with grass cutting and hedge trimming in the Churchyard. The offer was declined. A letter will be sent to the Church offering continued support with ground maintenance and noting that the Parish Council would like to see improved maintenance of the Churchyard.

7. Correspondence:

1. Adoption of procedures for dealing with notifications of complaints against Councillors.

2. Standards Committee agenda 02/10/09 and 28/09/09

3. Norfolk RCC leaflets

4. Norfolk Link etc. including information on Your Parish - your decision

5. Norfolk Matters

6. Your Council

7. Notification regarding possible removal of the phone box.

8. Planning:

Extension to dwelling at Ivy Farm, Wretton Road, Stoke Ferry 09/01677/F

No comment made

9. The Green:

Mrs Rose Procter has donated bulbs and trees to be planted around the parish in memory of her husband. Consultation has been undertaken regarding planting on the Green and Parish Councillors will meet on 22/11/09 to further decide on suitable locations. A plan of planting on the Green will be drawn up. Hedging is to be planted at the Churchyard and 2000 bulbs have been set around the village. More bulbs are still to be planted and it is possible further bulbs may be supplied to the parish by the Borough Council. This will be investigated.

Wretton Historical Organisation hope to stage a World War II event next year on the Green and have enquired about planting vegtables on an area of the Green. Raised plant beds have been suggested. This will be considered at the site meeting on the 22nd. The number of posts that may be needed around the Green will also be considered at the meeting. It was agreed to purchase ten as soon as possible with more to be bought as needed. There has been a problem with cars parking on the Green again recently.

Mr. M Peake has offered to clear briar along Church Road.

The question of providing allotments in the parish and how to gauge demand will be an agenda item for the next Parish Council meeting.

10. Other Reports/items for the next agenda - for information only:

10.1 Concern was voiced regarding the level of grass cutting undertaken by Highways along the verges.

10.2 Highways have a future scheme listed to improve the footpath between Stoke Ferry and Wretton. However, it seems extremely unlikely that any speed limits in the parish will ever be reduced. The Police will be informed once again about speeding vehicles.

10.3 The Wretton name plate sign along the West Dereham Road is still missing.

10.4 A request was made that Parish Council meetings be held on a Monday evening after January. This will be an agenda item for the January meeting.

Parish Clerk

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