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Letter to Norfolk County Council

February 2010

Mark writes to the Council about the lack of "gritting" on Wretton roads

Dear Sir(s),

I thought that you should be made aware that at no time since the initial snowfall overnight 17/18th December, no roads in the village of Wretton and the surrounding area have been gritted.

I live in Church Road, which is absolutely treacherous after snowfall, as is the route north to join the A134 via field road, or Cromer Road or alternatively Chequers Road. All three routes ultimately lead to the A134.

Similarly, if one decides to avoid this route and join the bypass at the Whittington Garage roundabout, this is also somewhat futile, as the road leading off from the other end of Church Road, leading to Stoke Ferry, which is Low Road, is absolutely diabolical. You will know that both Wretton and Stoke Ferry are in the Wissey Valley, therefore in a 'dip', which means that all routes out require an inclining gradient of varying levels, making things even tougher.

It is no exaggeration to say that the appalling condition of these roads will inevitably lead at some point to a very serious incident, as surely as night follows day.

What I describe is not new, indeed my wife and I have lived here for ten years and these roads have never been gritted,

This certainly leads me to believe that the county council, to whom we are required by law, and with no right of refusal, to give each year the greatest part of our council tax, regards the residents of Wretton/Stoke Ferry as second class citizens, not worthy of precious council resources!

I do not want to hear by way of a reply, the usual trite responses trotted out regarding the priorities of Trunk and A roads; we all know and appreciate this entirely. All I am asking is that when this is done, the area I have highlighted can be gritted also.

It cannot only be me who finds it truly frightening to have to drive in these conditions, no matter how rare these conditions occur.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward very much, to your positive comments on how you will rectify this issue.

Kind Regards


Mark R.G.Orton

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