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January 2010

Report on the Annual General Meeting of the West Dereham heritage Group

The group held it's Annual General Meeting on the 19th of November at the village hall. There were 17 members present and the agenda was proceeded with at 7,30pm.

There were apologies from Lindsay Goward.

Election of Officers was proposed and seconded to be elected en-bloc as there were no new nominations.

Chairman, Jack Walker. Secretary, Pam Walker. Treasurer, Ruth Marsters. Archivist, Pam Bullas. Web Master, Janet Gough. Reporter, Richard French.

The Chairman thanked all the officers for there work and dedication throughout the past year.

The Treasurers report showed a small surplus for the year. There is a number of new or revised group publications which are now on sale including the History of West Dereham Abbey Station by Cyril Marsters and Pam Bullas, who's father was Station Master there during the 1950s.The group agreed to cover the cost of printing this edition rather than it being privately funded. Chris Shaw also published Downham Market and Around, a brief history which included a chapter on West Dereham.

Next years programme was also discussed and we have a full list of events and visits already planned. These include local speakers for January and February. A visit to the site at Sutton Hoo which will be open to non members as well, travel will be by motor coach. Kieth Skipper will visit in May, Richard French will conduct another village walk in June. The Kings Lynn evening walk and lecture with Dr. P. Richards is planned for July. The Bar B Q will be in August and it is hoped to have a 16th century re-enactment event at the village hall in September. October will see another talk from the ever popular Mike Petty. AGM in November and the Social evening in December.

The meeting closed at 9pm when refreshments were served.

The Social evening was held on December the 10th at the home of Cyril & Ruth Marsters. Members provided most of the food and wine which made a delightful buffet meal for those attending.

To concluded I must apologise to readers for the appalling spelling mistakes in my article on the visit to West Dereham Church by the Church Monument Society.

I hope the villagers of Narborough and Stow Bardolph will except that this was a computer error as, unfortunately, it dunt dew Norfolk.....

With all good wishes for 2010.

Richard C.French

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