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The penultimate letter from Les

January 2010

Les has another go at the lack of interest from Pump readers.

Dear Editor,

May I congratulate you on your excellent editorial in the December Issue in which you drew attention to past local events during 2009, it made interesting reading. However it should be noted that our Village Pump every month contains some 70 pages and yet you would be hard pressed to find much comment on the items to which you Mr Editor have referred.

You referred to improvements at the James Bradfield School, I don't recall reading much about that in our Village Pump, and the appointments of Chairman Trudy Mann and Vice Chairman Sue Lansdell-Williams at Stoke Ferry Parish Council, well no warm welcome to these Ladies from any reader of our Village Pump.

You noted, Mr Editor, the achievements of a 'local lady' by saying 'well done Chloe Smith' my sentiments exactly, but her success at Norwich North wasn't received with any degree of enthusiasm by Village Pump readers, such enthusiasm was noted by it's absence.

You then turned your attention to Elizabeth Truss and 'the turnip Taliban' all of this was reported on TV and in our national newspapers but our Village Pump readers haven't appeared too interested in a Lady who may well be our Member of Parliament in a few months time.

So it could be said that if all of the aforementioned doesn't appear to interest Village Pump readers, then what does? Well may be the answer can be found in the comments made by one reader who writing in the December Issue signed off his/her letter, 'name and address supplied'.

Not having that dear reader's moral courage I am forced to sign off in my usual same dreary old way, boring old,


Les Lawrence

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