River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Reply to Les Lawrence

January 2010

Cyril takes les Lawrence to task for some of his recent criticisms.

Les, you habitually criticise the content of the Village Pump. In the December issue you refer to its lack of interest for those you call the ordinary run of the mill young people in this area. You point out this group's lack of interest in local politics, church or chapel, and that few of them buy the Village Pump. Have you any recommendations for them Les, as to what they could be taking an interest in? Do you regard yourself as a 'role model' for them? You continually point out what you regard as problems, but you never seem to suggest any constructive answers.

Next, I quote a short paragraph from your December letter. You said:

'I was talking recently to two young ladies, both 18 years of age, one was pregnant. Making this comment may I ask when teenage pregnancies was last talked about in the Village Pump? In fact when did you last see the word SEX appear in our Village Pump? To me the answer is clear; the very word SEX sits uncomfortably on the mantelpiece of our Village Pump'.

What, may I ask, is the purpose of these remarks? What kind of sexual content do you envisage as needed in the Pump? And what was your purpose in mentioning teenage pregnancies? Do you have any words of wisdom for young people, such as pointing out the difference between 'casual sex' and meaningful relationships? If not, I fail to see what you are driving at! There is more than enough opportunity for them to wallow in gratuitous sex, both in magazines, on television and elsewhere, without adding to it in our local magazine!

Your letter ends with the opinion that the time for debate 'is now', but that you 'fear it will be more of the same'. I certainly hope not, for I agree with 'Name & Address Supplied', that 'more of the same' would simply be 'the semi-salacious ramblings of an octogenarian'.

Sincerely, as one octogenarian to another,

Cyril Marsters.

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