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January 2010

Minutes of thre October meeting of West Dereham Parish Council




Present: - Ms Alison Richardson - Vice-Chairman, Mrs Doreen Berry, Mr. Russell Drew, Mr Barry Glover, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mr. Paddy Murfitt.

7 members of the public

PCSO Sophie Watson

Police Community Support Officer Sophie Watson informed the meeting that no crimes had been reported in the parish during the previous month. There is to be a regular police surgery established in the village in the near future.

1. Apologies for Absence:

Mrs Claire Cann, Mr. R. Rockcliffe (District Councillor).

2. No Declarations of Interest made other than from Councillors who are also members of the Village Hall Committee.

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on September 3rd 2009 were agreed as a true record. With reference to item 9 from the September minutes it was agreed that the services of a land agent to deal with the rent of land at the allotments had been sought to optimise the rent to be obtained. Notice to Terminate the Tenancy of the holding at the allotments has been served.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings

* Broadband Update - Mr. Rockcliffe continues to argue the case for Broadband provision for West Dereham. Redistribution from the village hall is planned which will cover a 500m radius from the hall.

5. Reports

5.1 Chairman's Report

The Vice-Chairman was acting as chair and had no report to give.

5.2 Clerk's Report

* The Clerk recently attended the Norfolk Association of Local Councils AGM.The meeting was chaired by the Rt Hon The Baroness Shepherd who is President of the Norfolk Association and an interesting talk was given by Mike Jackson, NCC Director of Planning and Transportation. Mr. Jackson stressed how Norfolk County Council wishes to laise with local residents regarding highway matters as people may have valuable knowledge of locations and thus will have valid contributions to make.

* Visits to West Dereham by the Mobile Library may be threatened if the service is not better used. One stop, at The Row, is not being used. The Parish Council will publicise in the monthly leaflet drop that the library needs to be used or the service may be lost.

5.3 Village Hall Report (Ruth Marsters):

The Village Hall finances stand at £3775. The Committee has purchased a PA system for use at bingos etc. It is planned that this equipment should be made available to other organisations in the village. New tables and chairs are to be purchased once work on the hall has been undertaken. Hedging is to be planted around the fence, to be paid for by the Village Trust.

5.4 Glazewing report

Councillors had previously been given copies of the monthly report forwarded from Glazewing and this was read out to those present at the meeting. Decisions relating to planning applications presently submitted by Glazewing have not yet been received. Notes from the meeting held between members of West Dereham Parish Council and Glazewing have been delivered to households in the parish.

6. Accounts/financial position update

The Parish Council current account presently stands at £5009 with the following payments to be made this month:

Mazars (External Auditor) £57.50

Clerk's salary £102.60

ESPO (display boards) £503.70

ESPO (filing cabinets) £181.70

Inland Revenue £93.11

6.1 Payment of accounts was agreed in accordance with the budget.

6.2 The Clerk is awaiting further quotes for maintenance work on the bus shelter and village seats. It is hoped the goal posts on the Playing Field will be repaired in the near future.

6.3 A quote of £205 plus VAT to cut hedges at the allotments has been received. This was accepted in accordance with the budget. It was agreed future tenants of the holding at the allotments will be requested to cut both sides of the allotment hedge.

7. Planning

7.1 Preferred Options Mineral Extraction and Waste Disposal Sites Allocations Document.

It was noted that the public consultation period for the above document will run from mid October to mid December. The Parish Council will prepare to make a response to the consultation and this will be an agenda item at the next Parish Council meeting. The area of West Dereham (MIN 32) submitted as a mineral extraction site is not recommended for approval and is classed as an unacceptable site. The Parish Council will request that the area be removed from the document.

8. Correspondence

1. Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk meeting agenda 24/09/09

2. BCKLWN Standards Committee Agenda 28/09/09

3. NRCC Signpost etc.

4. Norfolk County Council Community Projects for Sport poster.

9. 2010 precept requirements

Discussion and consideration took place with regard to the 2010 precept needs:

* It was suggested new councillors should be offered training and money should be allowed in the budget to cover this and any necessary training for the Clerk. A figure of up to £300 will be considered.

* Trees at the allotments may need to be trimmed and rabbit proof fencing around the allotments could be considered.

* It was felt £50 should be added to the Playing Field expenditure to allow for brambles to be cut back from the edge of the field.

* A figure of £300 should remain in the budget for hedge trimming.

* Grass cutting will cost the same as 2009 if no additional cutting is required and thus a figure of £1200 was felt to be adequate.

* Parish improvements, which will include money to provide planters, could remain at £300.

It was suggested quotes should be obtained for repair of the village seats and to clean the dyke past the old school. The noted recommendations for the 2010 precept request will be considered at the November and December Parish Council meetings. The precept will be set at the December meeting.

10. Further Reports

1. Frimstone has offered topsoil free of charge to level off Church Road path. This offer will probably be taken up in the spring. Highways will be approached to request that the soil can be dropped off on Church road verge.

2. Footpaths have been cut back in the parish but wire is still needed on one footpath bridge.

3. The verge is being over run by vehicles along Lime Kiln Road. This has been reported to Highways and will be again.

4. Weeds are growing over the path by the phone box.


* Complaints have been made to Glazewing following two incidents in the village; one where a Glazewing lorry was apparently speeding through the village on a Sunday evening and the other when a Glazewing lorry knocked large branches off a tree into a village garden when squeezing past another vehicle. The driver of the Glazewing vehicle was said to have made a uni digital gesture at residents. However another Glazewing driver did assist with removal of branches from the road and Paul Norris from Glazewing attended the incident immediately, apologised and helped to clear the fallen branches.

* It was requested that minutes of Parish Council meetings be displayed in the village notice boards as early as possible.

* Glazewing is to send a representative to a Parish Council meeting. This is likely to be the November 5th meeting but this date needs to be confirmed. A request was made for MP Christopher Fraser to attend the meeting also.

Parish Clerk

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