River Wissey Lovell Fuller

A Riverwatch Interval

January 2010

Ivor offers a poem for the Christmas edition

We know not what the new year will bring

Apart from the rebirth that comes with spring.

We cannot foretell if all will be well

But on everything positive the mind must dwell.

We know Mother Nature will soldier along

And soon will return the birds with their song.

The cold and the rain is not here to stay

For warmth and sunshine will be on the way.

The months ahead have a lot to bring

With animals awaking and birds on the wing.

Our days may be short but soon will be long

And forever the Wissey just flowing along.

The colours will brighten and bring back good cheer

Then will be gone the drab and the drear.

Wildlife will all bustle and be active again

Any fears long forgotten - no longer a drain.

The fish are aplenty all silver and bright

The surface will glitter in brilliant light

Majestic white swans patrol with such grace

Bring splendour and magic to a beautiful place.

Lots of wonderful patterns pass over the skies

To make mirrored reflections that cannot tell lies.

Then we can be greedy and enjoy the delight twice

And relish the pleasure of everything nice.

The kingfisher sports colours so bright and gay

Make him easy to spot as he passes our way

But heed or you'll miss as he's certainly quick

And definitely the favourite of all the pick.

The resident heron glides high in the air

While time ticks by without any care.

This is definitely the place to dream and enjoy

By watching the happenings as they pass on by.

All Gods creatures both feather and fur

Are out there and waiting whenever you stir.

So continue your visits down to the river

By reading Riverwatch and be with all hither!

With apologies from Ivor Hook!

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