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December 2009

Our monthly update from Wereham


Would anyone like to dress a small christmas tree or just lend an artificial tree and lights for us to dress? Please contact Ivy on 501108 or Sheila on 501086 if you would like to help. Ivy and Sheila will be at the Church on 15th and 16th December.


Some of you may be aware that the village hall has had a structural survey carried out on it and the news is not good. The survey revealed many problems that are not cost effective to repair. In other words the hall is past its sell by date. We have approximately 2 years (the timeframe given by the survey) to raise the money needed to build a new hall. The village hall committee are working hard to raise funds via events in the hall and have to date done extremely well - but unfortunately our efforts will come nowhere near the amount required. It is therefore necessary to go to fund givers such as Wren, NRCC, The Big Lottery, Grassroots and so on.

These fund givers are not prepared to fund any project unless we can be prove that we need the hall and this is where the villagers come in. Your evidence will be essential proof of the validity of our requests for funds. The village hall committee are asking you to write us a short (or long) letter giving your thoughts on the reasons why we need the hall. You might be an existing regular or ad hoc user or you might not use the hall at the moment but in future you may find you will attend a function, such as a party, a wedding or a pantomime.

I am sure you need no telling that over recent years Wereham has lost its school, its shop and Post Office, and therefore the hall is the only place for people to get together for whatever occasion. The hall is used on a regular weekly basis for Bingo, Friends and Neighbours, Carpet Bowls and Mums and Tots. Those of you who went to the Barn dance on 10th October declared it to have been a great success, everybody had fun, everybody mixed and met villagers they had not met before. If the hall goes, so will functions such as these.

Please ake a few minutes to drop the committee a line and help us to help save the village hall for you and future generations. E-mail address: patricia.evans@homecall.co.uk - or drop it in to Flintstones, School Lane, Wereham. We look forward to receiving your letters of evidence and thank you in advance for your time.

Patricia Evans


Through the generosity of parishioners and helpers I have now had a jolly good power wash and my railings painted. I am sure that all those who attended the Remembrance Service, and perhaps passers by, will appreciate the work done and will help to keep the area clean.

Thank you


A serious incident occurred last month when a horse rider in Wereham encountered several motorbikes on a bridle path. The horse bolted to Wretton and narrowly missed being killed on the road.

Motorbike riders may not realise just how dangerous it is when a horse is frightened and bolts. The danger is not just to the horse and rider but to other vehicles on the road and pedestrians (including small children).

Parents and kids, please make sure that motorbikes are not being ridden illegally on bridlepaths and footpaths and if you see a horse approaching - move out of the way and switch the engine off.

Please let the police know if you encounter motor vehicles being driven or ridden illegally on footpaths and bridleways; this activity needs to be stopped before someone is seriously hurt.

Lynda Eddy

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