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December 2009

April tells reasders about Methwold Sportsday

Methwold Sports Day

On the Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th there were some sports days at Methwold High School. Unfortunately I was not able to get the information in time to put it into the previous Pump. However there were posters and leaflets in the corner shop and at Methwold High School and Primary school.

The two days were organised by the same two youth workers that helped to organise the archery and music production I have written about in earlier Pump articles. The activities during the Wednesday consisted of Fencing in the morning for children aged 5-10, followed by Street Dance 11-16, Archery 11-16 And Multisport 11-16.

During the day my brother attended the Fencing and said that he enjoyed it very much. The attendance to the Fencing was very high at about thirty 5-10 year olds going.

I took part in my own Robin Hood Adventure, when I visited Methwold and did some Archery, which was very good. We started with an introduction about all the different types of bows that can be used such long bows which are the ones that we were using. We moved on to firing the arrows at close targets, then we started to fire the bows from a longer range, it was hard to say the least. I didn't once hit the target, although I did get near. The people that turned up were mostly boys with two exceptions, me and another girl my age. I thought it was quite disappointing for so few to come to a free event in our local area.

As some of you may know if you have read some of my other articles, I have tried to generate interest for these types of things in this area. These days in half term could become a regular slot for young people living around Methwold, if more people turn up. So I will try and keep you posted on upcoming events for young people, so they hopefully it will become a big success. If anyone would like to give ideas on what they would like to do in this area email me at stokefortheyoung@aol.co.uk.

April Lister

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