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Letter to The editor

December 2009

Les Lawrence explains his previous criticism of Pump contents

Dear Editor,

Responding to my letter in the November Issue you did say that had I attended the AGM I would have heard the discussion that centred on my comments regarding the contents of our Village Pump. Now this to me raises an interesting question. Who are the most important people when we think of our Village Pump? Well first on my list would come yourself, a competent and enthusiastic Editor and next would be, not the people who just read our Village Pump but those who buy it. And the vast majority who do buy it you never hear from, they are the silent majority.

You are therefore left with a vocal minority, such as indeed myself. Therefore, whatever views I express, whatever articles I submit, no one will ever know what this very important silent majority group think of such views or articles. And as we don't know what the majority thinks, then surely what the minority thinks becomes of little importance.

If I can go back to you as our Editor, let us hope that at the next AGM you seek re-election, then let us also hope that someone stands against you. If that was the case I would most certainly be there, even if I had to walk there, in order to cast my vote in your favour. Whereas what happens, everyone is re-elected en-block, complete unanimity abounds and I get the impression that to offer a word of dissent is frowned upon.

How delighted I was to read in a recent Village Pump that a certain dear lady had decided that I wouldn't be on her shopping list, or was it her dinner party list, it made my day. Here was a lady who had an opinion and was prepared to express it. We need more of that.

Thinking of dinner party's, yes I shall arrange one myself. Needless to say I shall extend an invitation to Chloe Smith; well you see I have always had an interest in politics, and in the democratic process, to say nothing of very attractive young women.


Les Lawrence

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