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John Pointer writes to the Editor

December 2009

John brings readers uo-to-date with his life

Dear Editor.

I thought you would like to know how I am getting on in Downham Market. Well, healthwise not too bad apart now being Diabetic. I have to watch my diet and as far as the lovely cream doughnuts and sponge cakes go, they now are a no-no. There is quiet a lot which I can eat but it's better to keep out of cafes then I am not tempted. Scones and tea-cakes are alight in moderation but I could live without them. I find that cafe's do not really cater for Diabetic people which is such a shame.

I suffer with my feet and my right leg is painful when I walk so I take smaller steps and walk slower; it feels a little more comfortable,. I haven't been to Silver Threads for a while or Salvation Army or Art class or craft class, I just haven't felt like going. But I have just started going to the library just for the sake of meeting people and having a quiet read. Well that's all for now I will write again soon.

John Pointer.

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