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A letter in Supprt of the Pump content

December 2009

A regular reader challenges Les Lawrence's view of Pump content

1 November 2009

Dear Mr. Thompson

I read with considerable dismay and disgust the letter in the November Pump from Les Lawrence in which he attacked the inclusion of articles from Anne Brown and Dr Nisbet.

I look forward to reading their contributions to the Pump and feel that these articles, plus the many others contributions that appear, greatly enhance the magazine and make it something to look forward to at the start of each month. Frankly, if it was nothing but Parish Council minutes and letters from Mr. Lawrence 1 think I could well cancel my subscription.

Anne Brown's travelogues fascinate me - she goes to places I would be even scared to think about going and I look forward to tales of her next trip. I do hope she treats the recent letter with the contempt it deserves and continues to let us read the tales of her adventures.

Dr Nisbet's articles are very entertaining - he clearly has a great sense of humour - again, long may his contributions continue.

On a personal level, I do not care for the algebra pages - they bring back horrendous memories schooldays! - but a great many people do find them interesting and informative, and it adds to the Pump's variety.

If there was one item I would like to see changed, it is the semi-salacious (in his mind) ramblings of an octogenarian which are the same things over and over again, and of course, absolutely nothing to do with village life,

I write in support of Anne Brown and Dr Nisbet and not to get my name in the Pump, so please if you wish to publish this, please just put 'name and address supplied'.

Name and address supplied


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