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November 2009

More home spun philosphy from Les

The other day I had an appointment with my local surgery and the dear lady I saw, and they don't come more charming, well yes attractive as well, but that's probably another story, may-be more interesting than this one. I digress, when I came out of the surgery I had with me a three page print out from the computer describing in some detail what my problem was.

I now get the impression that when it comes to my medical problem I seem to know a thing or two. In fact, should my condition raise it's head again I won't bother my local surgery I'll just make an appointment with myself, assuming I'm free, and take it from there. So what is my problem? well it could be that I have Labyrinthitis. And what I hear you say, assuming of course that you are remotely interested and why should you be, anyway for just those one or two of you who have got nothing better to do, Labyrinthitis means I have got an ear problem. And yes again I hear you say, (you have to admit this is quality writing) why the heck couldn't you have said that in the first place with-out all this going on and on.

Now all of this fascinates me because it reminds me of the 40 or so years I spent in the insurance business. After all that time I often wondered if I knew much more about insurance than I did when I started but what I did know I considered myself to be an expert on. And at long last that is my point, very often the least you know the better.

How often did I find that a week or so after delivering a policy I had just sold him the policyholder would say to me, 'I don't understand what all this waffle is on page 2, 6, and 10' to which I would reply, 'funny you should mention that because I don't understand a darn word of it either'. I would then go on to suggest we both concentrate on the bits we did understand because they were the relevant bits. I was always interested in K.I.S.S. which may well have meant kiss to some of you but to me it meant, Keep It Simple Stupid, and if I didn't do that the only one being stupid was me.

Going back to the medical side of things I'm always interested to read the leaflet that comes with any tablets you may be taking. You read first of all that these tablets are there to help you to overcome whatever your problem is, then you go on to read that these tablets may well have side effects. In fact , it would seem that as soon as you start taking them you feel so much better until the side effects start to kick in when you then start to feel a darn sight worse.

Of all the treatment there is, the best of all is humour. Well yes, but what makes some people laugh makes others cry. Yes I know, but if you can keep a smile on your face when others all around you are wondering what on earth you are on about, then you don't need a Doctor. But maybe, in my case a Psychiatrist, and try spelling that word after a couple of glasses of sherry.


Les Lawrence

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