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November 2009

Some more words of wisdom from Les Lawrence

Since I talked about my very dear friend the other month a number of readers of our Village Pump have enquired about him. Sadly I have to report that he is at the moment rather depressed. It appears that he was recently standing in the middle of Norfolk Street in King's Lynn, talking to the woman he loves, when his wife came along and started to interrupt him. Now my very dear friend and I are as one on this, we cannot stand bad manners and I understand my friend will be taking his wife to task over this and on this point he has my total support.

From past conversations it would appear that my dear friend's girl friend, as indeed she was at the time, was called Felicity. Of cause she changed her name when they got married, she is now known as Betty. Anyway, before they married she worked at the Wissington Sugar Beet Factory. At that time most of the sugar beet was delivered to the factory in railway trucks and it was Felicity's, (later to be known as Betty, I do hope you are paying attention) job to see that these railway trucks were indeed moved to where they should be. This was a job that required a fair degree of dexterity. By the way, a lovely word that Dexterity! One day I must find out what it means. Anyway, all of that manual work left Felicity with muscles that any body builder would have been proud of.

Round about this time Felicity did in fact enter the all England Weight Lifting Contest and earned a very creditable second place. So inspired was my dear friend in all of this that he proposed to the dear Lady, a proposal that Felicity felt she had to decline, commenting at the time, 'I think we should wait until we are married'.

Eventually marriage did take place as my very dear friend did concede at the time Felicity was earning very good money at the Sugar Beet Factory. And he remembered those wise words of his dear Mother who advise him many times that if he ever came across a woman with muscles and a healthy bank balance then he should strike whilst the iron was hot, wise words indeed.

And what of the young Lady you may ask who my dear friend was talking to in Norfolk Street, King's Lynn? Well, that was his Secretary. You could deduce this means he is now a business man; well not really. But one day he may well be and that is the reason why I am so proud to call him my very dear friend. His mind is always dwelling on the future, well apart from when he's with his Secretary, when his thoughts are very often on the present.

And to think you thought this article wouldn't be worth reading, ye of so little faith.


Les Lawrence

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