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November 2009

Minutes of the August Meeting of West Dereham Parish Council




Present: Mrs Claire Cann - Chairman, Mrs Doreen Berry, Mr. Russell Drew, Mr Barry Glover, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mr. Paddy Murfitt, Ms Alison Richardson.

6 members of the public

1. Apologies for Absence:

Mr. R. Rockcliffe (District Councillor), Mr. T. Manley (Borough Councillor)

2. No Declarations of Interest made other than from Councillors who are also members of the Village Hall Committee.

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on July 2nd 2009 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings

* The wood for the planters along Church Road will cost around £40.00 per planter. It was decided to keep within budget and thus two planters will be constructed this year. Discussion regarding more planters in future will be made when the 2010 precept is set.

It was reported that Frimstone is prepared to donate soil to help flatten the unevenness of the path along Church Road.

5. Reports

5.1 Chairman's Report

a) Filing cabinets have been purchased for storage of Parish Council paperwork at the Village Hall. Display boards have also been purchased.

b) The paper recycling bin in the village was sited by The Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk and thus contact will need to be made with the Borough Council to arrange for the bin to be removed, as agreed at the last Parish Council meeting. One resident who is not happy the bin is to be removed has contacted the Clerk. The Council decided to request removal of the bin as it is unsightly and waste paper can be placed in household recycling bins or taken to the recycling centre at Crimplesham.

5.2 Clerk's Report

The Clerk recently attended the Norfolk Association of Local Councils/Society of Local Council Clerks Summer Conference. Four sessions were held:

1. Information on the Freedom of Information Act, Data Protection and Environmental Information Regulations and what Councils should publish was provided by Nick Hancox and Debbie Ashton from Hancox Solicitors.

2. A presentation on VAT relating to local authorities was given by Andy Coulson of HMRC.

3. Useful information on how to write a Business Plan, particularly if such is needed for grant applications, was presented by Keith Bendall from the Guild - service@theguild.co.uk

(Further information on the presentations can be obtained from the Clerk.)

4. The final session was an interactive session run by Richard Bishop, Chairman of Norfolk Society of Local Council Clerks, and Sue Lake, Norfolk ALC Training Officer.

5.3 Village Hall Report (Ruth Marsters):

The Village Hall finances stand at £3521.77. The Village Trust has recently financially supported the Village Hall by £2500 including the payment of the building regulations application which entailed employing a specialist firm to undertake thermal calculations.

5.4 Glazewing report

a) Councillors had previously been given copies of notes of the meeting held on July 15th between members of West Dereham Parish Council and representatives of Glazewing. It was stated at the meeting on the 15th that if a Certificate of Lawfulness is granted to Glazewing to allow them to continue storing skips adjacent to the river then the company may consider landscaping of the site. It was noted however that landscaping and the planting of hedges to hide stored skips could be detrimental to neighbouring farm land.

With regard to vehicles speeding through the village and using routes other than that recommended Mr. Miles said that if residents were able to provide the time a vehicle was considered speeding or when the wrong route was used the company would be able to identify the culprit. The Parish Council made the point it is not practical to expect people to provide registration numbers.

Jon Miles stated that if the Glazewing business was to expand it would not do so at the Station Road site.

Glazewing has provided a map of the village on their website indicating the preferred route to the Station Road site and marking roads that vehicles going to the site are requested to avoid. However, it was noted that Lime Kiln Road is not shown on the map. It was requested that the Clerk should contact Glazewing stating that Lime Kiln Lane is the only road into West Dereham not shown on the map and this needs to be amended as it appears the route along Lime Kiln is considered acceptable.

An e-mail from PCSO Sara Clipperton concerned with children playing in the road was read out. The Parish Council is to note the dangers of such action in the next leaflet drop.

b) Concern was raised that the goal posts on the Playing Field need to be concreted into place and some maintenance work undertaken. The cost of repair will be investigated and consideration will be given to providing nets at a future date. It was agreed repair should be undertaken at an appropriate cost to ensure safety is maintained.

6. Accounts/financial position update

The Parish Council current account presently stands at £5902 with the following payments to be made this month:

Limetree Marketing £5.75

Clerk's salary £142.50

BCKLWN (rent of Playing Field) £5.00

The Parish Council reserve account stands at £1609 of which it was agreed to spend £316.25 on the provision of a website.

6.1 Payment of accounts was agreed in accordance with the budget.

7. Planning

7.1 The Parish Council discussed adopting a light pollution policy relating to future planning applications. A suggested generic response to all planning applications was considered but it was agreed to consider each planning application individually and respond accordingly with wording as suggested by the Campaign to Protect to Dark Skies.

7.2 Planning consultation

Single storey extension and entrance, provision of new car-park. Existing hall to be rendered and re-roofed (amended design) at West Dereham Village Hall.

Permission recommended.

8. Rules relating to West Dereham cemetery

The recent request made to erect a double headstone in the cemetery was accepted but rules do need to be adopted relating to what sort of memorials will be permitted in future. Headstones are not to exceed 3' 6'' in height and to facilitate grass cutting no kerbs or footstones are allowed. The base should be flush with the ground and in line with existing headstones. This matter will be an agenda item again at a future meeting when information has been obtained as to the guidelines adopted by other cemeteries.

9. Annual Allotment Inspection

The Annual Allotment inspection had taken place before the Parish Council meeting.

Points raised

a) It was agreed to write to the owner of the conifer hedge adjacent to the allotments to request that the hedge should be severely cut back.

b) There is an allotment waiting list of three at the present time. The Allotment Liaison Officer is confident those on the list can be offered a plot by the end of the year as he feels there are tenants who will be relinquishing their allotments.

c) The question of renewal of the farm business tenancy held on the remaining land at the allotments was discussed and further consideration will be given to this matter at the next Parish Council meeting. Research will be undertaken regarding entitlements on the land.

d) Hedges all round the allotments and in Brooks Lane need trimming. Country Grounds Maintenance will be approached to provide a quote to trim hedges as was undertaken by them previously.

e) It was decided to increase the rent for allotments to £15 for a full plot, £10 for a half plot and £7.50 for a quarter.

10. Further Reports

10.1 Hedges along Basil Road are overgrown. Owners will be approached regarding trimming of the hedges.

10.2 The verge along Lime Kiln Road from the Old Rectory to Bell Barn is being eroded.

10.3 Maintenance work is needed on the bus shelter and village seat and quotes will be sought.


1. It was reported that lorries have been seen coming through the village with cargo not netted. This will be reported to Glazewing although it was felt it is the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle to ensure loads are secure and covered.

Parish Clerk

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