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Letter to the editor.

November 2009

Peter replies to John Preston's piece on Global warming

Dear Ray,

As pleased as I was that John replied to keep the eco, green, nuclear debate going, I am still sat here bemoaning the lack of facts in the debate. John put forward some opinions of people who may or may not have information to back their views, but for every one of them, there is almost certainly someone offering views to the contrary. What I am asking for is real hard facts. (Number, times, dates etc.)

May I take this odyssey on a couple of stages further?

We have all been told that the Hurricane season will get 'worse' with more and stronger hurricanes...all caused by man's addition to the greenhouse gas emission of our planet....But hang on. It's not happening, at least not yet.

The first half of this year's season is decidedly thin on the ground for real live hurricanes. . Just two, not particularly big ones, this year so far in half the season ...That, mathematically at least, looks like 4 for the full year, half what was predicted, plus a few Tropical Depressions and Tropical Storms that fizzled out after a few days (or even hours in some cases). The world seems very quiet on this subject at the moment. Why???

Peak Oil, I seem to recall, was predicted originally to occur in the 1970s, then the 80's ,90's...you can see where I'm going. Now in 2009, the latest data I can find is that 'it will occur in the next ten years.' (by 2019 by my maths...some 50 years or so on since the first prediction). But these latest estimates, due to their timing, fail to include the new find in the Gulf of Mexico, and the as yet un-estimated reserves found to the north of Australia.

Again my plea to all who might contribute to this debate...some facts please.

Peter Bodle

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