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Good news for Oxborough Artist

November 2009

A recenty arrived local Artist receives the good news of a new commission fo SSAFA

As we waved goodbye to Somerset, and drove up the M5 on a four and a half hour journey, we thought of our new home in Oxborough, Norfolk. Here in this quiet but beautiful village is the place where my husband Colin will be able to dedicate his "spare" time (what is spare time? That is why we moved, so we could have time to "smell the roses") to what he loves doing most - aviation painting in oils. In the past he has been commissioned to do a mural in the Officers Mess at RAF West Raynham (now closed), paintings and sketches for retiring commercial pilots and for other special occasions. Over the years, Colin has exhibited at local art exhibitions, and since moving to Oxborough, he exhibits quite frequently at Picturecraft in Holt, and the annual art exhibition in St. John the Evangelist church in Oxborough.

Most recently Colin has done a painting for SSAFA (Soldiers Sailors and Airmens Families Association) that depicts a scene involving British Forces in Helmand. This painting is being auctioned at a special event to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of SSAFA next year. The painting was done to raise money for SSAFA to help the servicemen and women and their families who have been affected by the current conflicts. This painting is now available as a print and blank greeting card for anyone who would like to purchase one. So as we are ex RAF we hope that the painting and the prints will raise plenty of money, so that SSAFA can continue with their excellent work.

Yesterday, quite out of the blue, Colin had some fantastic news that will have a great impact on Colin's aviation artwork for years to come. The RAF Benevolent Fund has commissioned him to do a painting, in oils, of a Spitfire and Hurricane flying over Bentley Priory. This painting is to commemorate the prestigious 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain and will be either auctioned or presented at the Battle of Britain Anniversary Dinner in 2010. What an honour, one that will certainly remain with us for a long time.

If you would like to see some of Colin's work, discuss a commission or would like to purchase a print, take a look at his website www.palletcolours.com or call 01366 328874.

Elizabeth Mason

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