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Another letter to The Editor from Les Lawrence

November 2009

I don't think Les is interested in travel reports or Dr Nisbet's humour!

Dear Editor

Yes, I must agree that the October Issue was a bumper one but sad to say a lot of its content was of little interest to me, and I suspect to a number of other Pump readers as well

When I pick up my copy of our Village Pump what do I expect to read about? Well local issues. I was delighted to read that Boughton has received an award, not that it will make the slightest difference to me but its local news, and it's relevant to our part of the world.

I read with interest Rose Watson's letter. It was about Wretton where she lives and this is what you can expect to find in our Village Pump, local observations. I always read about Mally Reeve and her Stoke Ferry Stompers, their activities are relevant to this area.

There is now a good possibility that Stoke Ferry may get a new village hall, well I doubt if I will ever use it but that's irrelevant. Its local news which I would have thought again is of interest to a number of Pump readers. Stoke Ferry Football Club, well again that's what you expect to read about in our Village Pump, and April Lister, well she is trying to appeal to those of her own age, in this area, which again is the significant point.

I'm sorry Ann Brown but I'm not interested in where you go on holiday, that's your business. And neither am I interested in some of Doctor Nisbet's exploits. Do I really want to read that neither he nor his wife need to visit the bathroom during the night, Holy Mackerel.

And yet both Dr Nisbet and Ann Brown have the intellect to write much more interesting articles about, for example, our part of the world, where it is today and it's future as they see it. This is what I want to read about; local opinions, by local people, about local issues. A view I really believe would be shared by many Pump readers.

I might be spending this Xmas in Outer Mongolia and if I write about that in our Village Pump I hope you Mr. Editor will get you pruning knife out and rather quickly and you will be justified in doing so.


Les Lawrence

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