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Youth work in Watton

October 2009

April tells us about the Watton Youth workers who visted her school

They are lovely ladies, and they come to Methwold High School each week on a Wednesday. I met up with them and we talked about subjects, I valued their opinions. Carol and Michelle told me about group of young people doing fun activities throughout the summer holidays, in Watton. I was informed about activities like archery, riffle shooting and music production. They all seemed of some interest to me, so I decided (alongside my cousin) to attend these events.

Firstly, I went to archery and riffle shooting, which was sponsored by community police officers.

The air riffles and the archery equipment were hired for the day, and it was cool to try out these different sports. The best part was that it was free of charge, and loads of fun, however there was a lack of young people attending this event. The day included; snacks and drinks, with very friendly people.

I found it a great opportunity to meet new people, and have fun. Usually in the summer holidays I am lounging around the house with a lack of things to do, but this got me out of the house, being energetic and still enjoying myself. After that, I attended the music production which was (to say the least) very professional, friendly, but also a learning experience. I learnt how to record music, and information about different music genres. All in all the amount of people that turned up was very low, considering the fact that this was a free event, with professional men helping to achieve a unique and expert song.

The youth workers are committed to supporting young people and similar ventures in this area. If the young people in this area would like to start something like this, then we would need support from local businesses and/or people who would like to get involved and help out. Once again here is my email address if you wish to get in contact with me, and discuss ideas. stokefortheyoung@aol.co.uk

April Lister

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