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Recipes for Hard Times?

October 2009

Carol decribes a plan to collect recipies to help beat the credit crunch

We are collecting recipes from the communities in Downham and Villages so that we have our own local "healthy, seasonal meals for under a fiver" type recipe book for local people in time for the local food event in Downham on 31st October.

We'd like to invite anyone who can offer a good recipe for a dish or a meal that can be grown locally is healthy and costs very little as well as a short biog.

Hopefully we can then make the recipe book available in time for "Our Food Our Future" on 31st October.

Please email Carol Hunter, drop a recipe with your name and address into the green postbox at the top of "The Hollow" off Furlong Road, or phone on 01366 502106 if you'd like to contribute one or more recipes.

Carol Hunter, Downham and Villages in Transition.

"Our Food , Our Future"

Do you grow your own vegetables/fruit? Would you like to but don't have any land? Are you aware of the urgent need for us to address our food security? Would you like to see more of our food grown in Stoke Ferry thereby strengthening the local economy, teaching youngsters valuable skills and providing jobs? Do you have ideas/skills/tips you could pass on to others?

Downham and Villages in Transition are putting on an event in Downham Market Town Hall all day on Saturday 31st October aimed at supporting, inspiring and encouraging local food - growing, eating and marketing.

The focus of the event will be around raising awareness of the need to address local food security, growing and marketing practices in the face of peak oil, climate change and the deepening financial crisis. We are aiming to encourage more people to take up growing food both in their gardens and in allotments and community orchards etc.

There will be free stalls, a local food cafe, a children's secret garden, discussion lounge, films, talks and much more from 10am.

Bob Flowerdew will be giving a talk on "No Work Gardening" in the afternoon and selling his new book before and afterwards. Tickets for this will be sold through Lewks in Downham for £5 and are expected to go fast.

If you feel you can offer either information, encouragement, inspiration or all three, we invite you to take part by giving a 15 minute talk in the discussion lounge.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you'd like to do this.

Carol Hunter on behalf of "Downham and Villages in Transition"



Tel. 01366 502106

5 The Hollow, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk PE33 9UU

Carol Hunter

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