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Open letter to Wretton Parish Council

October 2009

Mrs watson explains her concerns about planned work in Wretton

Dear Editor,

I would like to point out to Wretton Parish Council that contacting FreeBridge council about clearing the path by All Saint's Place is a waste of paper. The path along there is tilted and would need to be built up.

I wrote to the Highways Department in 1996 telling them the path was tilted and couldn't be walked on and asked if they could arrange for a road roller to go along and flatten the path on the grass. They wrote back to say they could arrange too cut the hedge back along the path but couldn't finance the construction of a new path.

There are now several elderly people who use that grass to walk on to post letters in the post box at No 2 and children who use it when catching the school bus. I, myself, fell on the uneven grass just one month after writing the letter. Well, why can't people use the road? Well, that is another story. Something really must be done before a child is killed or badly injured.

Just the other day, when coming out of Church Road, we stopped and looked both ways and saw a car coming from the Stoke Ferry direction travelling at excessive speed. He was cutting the corner so was half way over to the wrong side of the road. No other traffic was visible so we started out only to be confronted by a motorcycle coming round the corner travelling at about 60 miles per hour and once again cutting the corner. Thank goodness he managed to keep control of his motor cycle albeit on the grass bank. The rider then swore at us for coming out of Church Road but, if he had been travelling within the speed limit we would have seen him and waited before pulling out.

People have the same trouble turning to the left to go towards Stoke Ferry because many a time you will meet a car coming from Stoke on your side of the road so you both have to swerve to avoid a collision.

So I would like to see a good thick white line in the middle of the road and a "kill your speed" flashing light before you get to the crossroads and another at the other end of All saint's Place.

But I won't be holding my breath.

Yours, R Watson All Saint's Place

R Watson,

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