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October 2009

Notes of a meeting to talk about proposals for a new Stoke Ferry Village hall





Present: Borough Councillor Colin Sampson (Chairman), Dr Clive Bond Section 106 Monitoring Officer BCKLWN, Ms Nikki Patton Housing Enabling Officer BCKLWN, Mr Paul White, Russen & Turner (Agents), Mr Mark Reeve, Chalcroft (Developer), Mrs Trudy Mann, Mrs Carol Hardy Parish Clerk. Approximately 70 Members of the Public (not everyone signed the sheet)

Mrs Mann welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the people sitting at the top table.

Cllr Sampson explained the purpose of this Pre Planning meeting was to test the mood of the village to the proposed replacement of the village hall on the site at Lynn Road/Furlong Road together with approximately 13 affordable houses.

Dr Bond briefly outlined what a Section 106 Agreement and Unilateral Undertakings are - they are types of planning obligations made in accordance with Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended). A planning obligation is a formal legal agreement made between the applicant/developer and the Borough Council in its capacity as the local Planning Authority. It can restrict development or use of land, require specific operations or activities to be carried out, require payment of a sum or sums of money towards future maintenance costs etc, require land to be used in a certain way.

* If it is not felt a new village hall is required will planning application go ahead with affordable housing on site?

This would be down to the Planning Department

The discussion needs to consider whether a replacement village hall with parking and an

open space is required - the site of the existing village hall is nothing to do with this particular development.

* There are several buildings in the village not occupied such as the Dukes Head etc

This is not a matter being discussed at this meeting - this is purely a matter to be discussed with Vion

* Is development taking place all round the village hall, ie the whole site

The current pre planning discussions only involve the northern end of the site, approximately one third of the area with up to 13 affordable houses

* Will there be main drainage on the site

This issue is still being discussed

* What is this meeting about - only 48hrs notice given and why was a new hall needed.

Mrs Mann then apologised to those present who were not sure of the purpose of the meeting, and explained it was a pre-planning meeting to test the mood of the village as to whether they feel a replacement modern hall was required, also pointing out that notices were posted round the village on the 8 August. Mr White R&T explained the position of the new hall. Discussions had taken place with the planning department who felt the northern end of the site was more appropriate as the hall would be a natural buffer from the haulage site, also for parking.

* What size would the new hall be? It would be like for like

* Why not provide a permanent car park now for the current hall

This was not felt a viable proposition - the owner of the site had already allowed an area

for car parking. The developer had positive discussions with the village hall committee - the area involved is an exception site which is outside the development boundary for the village.

There had been planning approval for residential dwellings on the southern end of the site.

With an exception site affordable housing can only be offered to people who live in the village.

For other 106 agreement sites properties are offered to anyone from other areas.

* The current hall has been refurbished, parking is a constant problem on Lynn Road.

The small parking area provided by Wells Homes has helped.

* Should consideration be given to a larger hall than present to allow for growth in the village.

* Also the site as it stands is a wreck, very untidy and overgrown an eyesore in the middle of the village.

* Related to other developments not just village hall, need to think about it more deeply.

The new hall would be built and fully functioning before the current hall is demolished or

development on current site can commence.

* Have any considerations been made relating to facilities for school etc.

* The current village hall is owned by the Village Hall Committee - who would own the new village hall.

* Who owns the land where the hall is currently.

The Village Hall Committee would own the new hall. The land is on lease from Vion/Grampian - this matter is being discussed - this is a matter between developers/owners/village hall committee. Whole footprint would be transferred to new position.

* When will the new development be up and running

Mr Reeve (Chalcroft) - that is a big question with the current economic climate he is not able to give any dates at the moment. CS - Any planning permission lasts for three years then lapses, then a new application would have to be made, rules may change during that time

* Could we have the views of the Village Hall Commite

Mrs Reeve said they were approached some time ago and discussed the current proposals with the Agents and Developers. Following many meetings the village hall committee were in favour of the proposals. It would aleviate the current parking problems, there would be a modern hall with all mod cons, central heating etc. There would be 25 parking spaces (negotiable) and an open green area.

* If a new hall was larger would there be more support particularly financially

* Why not move the current entrance to either the back or side and use land for car parking

The current building is old and needs a lot of expensive maintenance, there are also problems with the septic tank in the winter. The village hall committee are empowered to run the hall and have main say in what happens. This is only a proposal at the moment, a full planning application will have to be made, may go to the DCB (Development Control Board)

* Is there a guarantee from Wells Homes that the parking area will not be removed until a

replacement hall and parking is provided

MR assured everyone there will be no changes until the new hall is completed and up and

running Dr B - the new development has to be fully functioning before any demolition can

take place. The number of parking spaces (currently 25) will be discussed with Highways.

If size of hall is increased the ratio of parking spaces will increase. Parking facilities will

be considered when drawing up planning application

* Who would own the village hall? The Village Hall Committee

* With phased development builders evade providing facilities for communities

This was the situation but now planners are aware - builders cannot get away with it now

* Could Wells Homes say how many houses have been approved on the site

Planning approval had been received for 8 properties on the southern end of the site

* Would Wells Homes maintain the new hall for the first few years or the village hall committee This is still to be negotiated

* Is Furlong Road going to be the only access to the site for the second phase

Yes it will be - it will be a cul-de-sac with a pedestrian link to Lynn Road

CS felt that all issues had now been discussed and thought it was time for a straw poll - he asked for a show of hands who was against the proposal - then who was for the proposal. There was an overwhelming majority in favour of the proposal.

He did add that when the full planning application is considered the DCB take into account all objections, will reason everything out and come to a decision.

TM thanked everyone for attending, particularly BC Colin Sampson, the Developers, Agents and Borough Council representatives.

The meeting closed at 9.00pm.

Parish Clerk

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