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Letter to The editor

October 2009

Appeal for family information

Hi Ray, sorry I have taken so long to reply.

I have been researching my Family History since September last year and have managed to trace my Great Great Great Grandfather James English who was born in Stoke Ferry in 1827, to Mary English, born 1798. She was not married but I think that she married an Edmund Smith later that year, and had 2 children Charlotte and Charles Smith. Mary's Patents were Robert and Mary English who also lived in Stoke Ferry.

I wondered if anyone had researched this family tree or were decendants of Robert and Mary English. I am interested if they had any other children and if their decendants still live around Stoke Ferry.

James English moved to Holbeach and married an Eliza Gay in 1848, they then moved to Wainfleet near Skegness and lived there for quite a while.

If you could put an article in the Pump for me or I would be willing to pay for an advert, to see if I can trace the family back firther and find decendants etc.

I traveled over to Stoke Ferry a few weeks ago and met Mr English at the E.W English garage and he directed me to the cemetry where I found lots of English's. I also went to Boughton cemetry and found some there, it was nice to visit the village after finding out my GGG Grandfather was born there.

It is also interesting that people travelled around so much in those days, probably looking for work.

Kind Regards

Steve English

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