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Games on the Green 2009

October 2009

Jackie reports on the success of the Wretton games on the Green

The weather was kind, as were the folk that turned out to look, spend and participate in our traditional English games.

Activities included: the "quacktastic" hook-a-duck; the good old coconut shy; a terrific treasure map produced and authenticated by our own Mr Reeve; Helaine's hoopla and roll-a-penny; Lydia's sterling effort with the raffle; and Heather and Eric's pin the tail on the donkey. Young master Matthew Almond managed to melt a few hearts with this spiel of "PLEASE come to my stall!"

Despite whinging last year about doing my long stint of bowling for a pig and the skittles, my stomach muscles received yet another workout this year with a repeat performance, while I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I should also at this point mention Jonny, who not only claimed top spot but picked up the felled skittles on more than one occasion. THANKS JONNY!

What was particularly heartening was the number of young people that appeared and took part in proceedings.

The vast array of sumptuous cakes on sale were a real treat; many made by local people briefly touched the gracious hands of Trish, Mrs Randall and their merry band of helpers (please forgive me for not mentioning you all by name!). Eve, Rebecca and Alice also did a sterling job manning the coconut shy and hook-a-duck - well done girls!

While taking the odd pit stop to observe and take the odd snap, it was a pleasure to see families sitting, chatting and laughing together and with others in their community that they may rarely get the chance to mingle with. The aim of Wretton Historical Organisation is to provide events that bring together Wretton and its extended community. By working together we can ALL come together and produce something rather special.

Extended thanks go to all that helped and support Games on the Green 2009. Totting it all up, just over £200 was raised by the Church, while the WHO stalls raised £430! £200 of the WHO total has been donated to the Church to continue its valuable restoration work.


Jackie Pardoe, Chairperson of WHO.

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