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October 2009

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Boughton Village Hog Roast

I am not sure if the it was the quality of the hog roast or the Ely & Littleport Ladies Riot Morris Dancers who stole the show. Perhaps both..... It was a good event although a bit too windy and it got dark a bit earlier than expected. Many thanks to all the different crews who made the day work. The tent crew who set up the site, and packed away and the Lucketts for allowing the music to be on their front and Ollie for setting it up.. All who helped with cooking potatoes, serving and organising desserts. Thank you to Accent Fresh, Downham Market for salad and potatoes. The meat and accompaniments were tasty and quickly served by Tony Hook and his crew. These could be accompanied by Wissey Valley beer. Our thanks for all the donations of raffle prizes and Frank and Peter for doing the draw. Lynne donated the children's prizes, which were well received, everyone under 12 seemed to win and a few more!! Lastly but not least a thanks for the use of the loos for those from out of town. We now have a further £458 in the pot for our own church loos.

Message received: We had a lovely time at the hog roast on Sunday. We really enjoyed the Morris Dancers,they gave a super ambience to your pretty village + we were grateful that the rain held off. We always enjoy visiting your village events keep up the good work.

Date for your diary: Hog Roast 2010 3rd July

Saying Thank you

Each day I drive along Gibbet Lane and recently it has reminded me that five years ago we travelled to Australia. Part of our trip involved driving a motor home up the central highway from Adelaide to Darwin. This is really the only way to see Uluru (Ayers Rock). As we left Adelaide built up area, the countryside suddenly hit us and the traffic quickly thinned out. The driver needs to be on the lookout for animals so as to not add to the road kill. The comaradie between drivers starts to build. As the first few vehicles passed us they waved hello. It was quite comforting knowing that someone may remember you were there. We quickly got into the habit of waving hello as we passed vehicles. The children taking turns in the passenger seat joined in. As we came to the end, we encouraged drivers newly starting in the other direction to start the habit.

I think of this because I have noticed recently that many people take the time to say thank you with a wave as you allow them pass or as they have let you. It is friendly and comforting. It is not often that I get the person who just charges through, like the car the other day. There also seems to be less large vehicles hurdling though, thanks to the parish councils and locals. I may change my mind as the beet season starts. Anyway keeping saying thank you, it is a good habit and can make some ones day, even your ownSunflower Competition

The sunflower competition this year was entered with good spirit with 16 adults and 10 children taking part. Some of the adults were sent to the "sin bin" for trying to make their flowers look as if they were bigger than they really were but it was all in good fun! One was grown in a drainpipe - but it was only actually a head and root at either end! Another was a "plastic" sunflower! Luckily the children were totally honest and produced lovely specimens that were inspected by the Sunflower Police along with cadets Matthew and Ellen Morton.

There was a drawing competition and a flower arranging competition also and the results were beautiful including a sunflower clock entered by Mr Peter Agate - well done Peter.

The results were as follows:- In the Junior section, the tallest flower was won by Matthew Morton (he won the biggest pumpkin last year), 2nd was Jake Dewart and 3rd Ellen Morton. Well done to all of the children who received a gift from the BVC for their efforts.

Angela Faherty won the adults section 13' 4" with John and Anne Shotliff coming 2nd and Val Acaster 3rd. Ellen Morton organised a drawing competition with some excellent exhibits. It is worthy of note that Matthew and Ellen donated some of the prizes for this section. All drawing contestants were commended for their efforts. Angela won the flower arranging.

Thank you to all in the village who took part this is a really fun event that is set to become a regular feature in the village - look out for "The bucket" for next years competition! The hospitality offered was a big feature for our police and thanks must go to everyone.

We are looking forward to the next challenge! What are you going to grow in your bucket?

Sandy Reid

Pam Wakeling

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