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Another letter to The Editor

October 2009

Lee throws his support behind Peter Bodle regarding the Stoke Ferry Parish Council failure to support the children's hospice.

Dear Ray

I rarely write, but I must agree with the comments made last month by Peter Bodle regarding the donation to the children's hospice. To refuse a donation of even a small amount is incongruous.

The minutes of the recent parish council meeting show that a sign for the bottle bank was purchased at a cost of a£23.80. Thank goodness that we now have a sign to let us know where these multi coloured monsters can be found. I also seem to remember a not insignificant sum of money used to purchase an information display case, situated by the local pizza house. I have never seen more than two scraps of paper in it.

I am sure that the total cost of these two items would have been warmly welcomed by the hospice.

May I suggest an item for the agenda? That a note is placed on the information board, stating that the hospice requires donations.


Lee McCarthy

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