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West Dereham Parish Council

September 2009

Minutes of the July meeting of West Dereham Parish Council




Present: Mrs Claire Cann - Chairman, Mrs Doreen Berry, Mr. Russell Drew, Mr Barry Glover, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mr. Paddy Murfitt, Ms Alison Richardson.

5 members of the public

Police Community Support Officer Sophie Watson

1. Apologies for Absence:


PCSO Sophie Watson gave a report of the previous four weeks crime figures relevant to West Dereham. Thirteen incidents/reports concerning the Parish had been noted in that time:

1 violence against a person

2 concerns for safety

1 fly tipping

1 theft

1 anti-social behaviour

Other calls related to giving information

West Dereham is considered not to have a problem with crime and no worrying anti-social behaviour issues. However, it was noted there may be a group of youths who need keeping an eye on and residents should be aware that bike theft in the local area has risen recently. Non emergencies can be reported to the Police on 0845 456 4567. The next Watlington Area Community Action Group meeting is to be held at Middleton on July 28th @ 7pm.

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on June 3rd 2009 were agreed as a true record once amendment was made to the list of those present and with an addition to item 9.3.

4. All matters arising were noted as agenda items.

5. Reports:

5.1 Chairman's Report:

a) Discussion took place regarding whether a Parish Council meeting should be held during August. It was agreed to hold the monthly Parish Council meeting in August and for Councillors to meet at the allotments at 7.30pm on August 6th prior to the meeting to conduct an inspection of the allotments. Allotment holders will be approached to see if they wish to raise any points with Councillors concerning the allotments. Land at the Allotments is coming up for rent renewal and this will need to be an agenda item for the August meeting.

b) A meeting has been arranged for Councillors to meet with Mr Jon Miles at Glazewings Station Road site on Wednesday June 15th @ 4.30pm.

5.2 Clerk's Report:

The Clerk provided information from the NCC website regarding an update of the Local Development Framework:

Update on the Mineral and Waste Site Allocations Development Plan Documents - April 2009

Following the withdrawal of a number of proposed mineral and waste sites from the site allocations documents there are now 94 mineral sites and 59 waste sites remaining as proposed sites for future development, from those consulted on last year. In addition to these sites, NCC has received a number of new site allocation proposals, either during, or after, last year's Issues and Options consultation. Proposals for an additional 5 mineral extraction sites and an additional 19 waste management sites have been received. NCC will be publishing details of the 24 newly proposed site allocations, for public consultation, in summer 2009, as part of the (Regulation 25) consultation documents on the preferred Mineral Site Allocations and Waste Site Allocations.

The proposed sites referred to above, include all the sites that have been nominated for development by mineral and waste operators, landowners and their agents. Not all of these sites will be suitable or needed for future mineral extraction or future waste management facilities. NCC will be stating in the next stage of the Minerals Site Allocations and Waste Site Allocations documents (in summer 2009) which of these sites are believed to be suitable and needed to meet Norfolk's mineral extraction and waste management needs until 2024. There will be an 8 week public consultation period on these documents.

Frimstone has already been given permission to develop sites MIN 32 and WAS 56 (boundaries amended). Development will begin within 3 years from now and must be completed by 2032. Min 33 and 56 have been withdrawn from the Allocations Development Plan.

5.3 Village Hall Report (Ruth Marsters):

The Village Hall current account stands at £359 with £3066 held in a deposit account. A bingo is to be held on 04/07/09. A fence has been erected around the recently acquired land adjacent to the Village Hall at a cost of £2100 paid for by the Village Trust.

5.4 CPRE Conference Report (Ruth Marsters);

Mrs. Marsters funded her attendance at the recent local CPRE conference and reported back to Councillors (copy of notes filed):

Guidance points to be considered relating to planning applications

* Biodiversity should be enhanced - nature planting, bird and bat boxes

* Ecological damage should be prevented if possible or at least compensation or mitigation should be considered

* There is often inadequate survey work undertaken before planning permission is granted

Planning Aid is a charitable organisation which provides help and support to communities and individuals regarding planning matters.

6. Accounts/financial position update:

The Parish Council current account presently stands at £7162 with the following payments to be made this month:

Anglian Water £13.03

Clerk's salary (Dec. 08 - June 09) £836.00

PAYE £209.00

Internal audit £30.00

Methwold High School (copying) £20.00

The Parish Council reserve account stands at £1609.

6.1 Payment of accounts was agreed in accordance with the budget.

6.2 Discussion took place regarding the amount of money the Parish Council should hold in reserve and whether any of the £1609 held at present should be used to support projects such as the provision of a website and to provide filing cabinets as already agreed.

It was agreed £1000 should be held in reserve for emergencies.

6.3 The provision of a Parish Council website has been a topic of debate for sometime. The Parish Council does have a basic free site but it has now been decided to pay for a professional site to be established. The cost of setting up a site through VisionWebsites would be £275 plus VAT. Year 2 costs of hosting the site and the domain name registration would be £115 plus VAT. It was agreed to spend money from the reserve account to establish a website through VisionWebsites. It is possible local businesses could be offered, in return for a fee, a link to their websites through the Parish Council site.

The clerk was asked to write to County Councillor Mr R. Rockcliffe regarding the current position of obtaining broadband connection for West Dereham, which had been forecast for July 2009.

6.4 It was agreed provision should be made to provide personal indemnity cover for all Councillors as trustees of the Village Hall. The Village Hall Committee would also be required to take out the same cover.

6.5 It was agreed not to provide any dog waste bins in the parish. A note will be distributed to parishioners reminding dog owners that it is their responsibility to clear any mess made by their dogs.

6.6 It was agreed to remove the paper recycling bin.

6.7 It was agreed wood to make planters for Church Road should be purchased from money held in reserve. It is estimated the wood will cost £100.

7. Correspondence

7.1 Norfolk Link and other correspondence from Norfolk Association of Local Councils. SLCC/NALC Summer Conference date - 28/07/09

7.2 Norfolk RCC AGM

7.3 BCKLWN Standards Board agenda

7.4 BCKLWN Council meeting

7.5 Opportunity Awards 2009 - poster to display

7.6 NCC Manage Your Finances - poster to display

7.7 E-government planning consultation

7.8 Norfolk Constabulary Mobile Police Station timetable

8. Planning

Notice of Decision:

Removal of existing tin barn and erection of new tin barn at Sunnyside, Brooks Lane, West Dereham, 09/00310/F

Permission is refused for the following reason:

The proposed new building by virtue of its scale, mass and proportions combined with the choice of colour would adversely affect the visual appearance and character of the countryside and would be contrary to the provisions of PPS7.

8.1 The Parish Council is to consider adopting a policy regarding light pollution relating to planning applications. This will be an agenda item again for the August meeting.

9. Rules relating to West Dereham cemetery

A request has been made to erect a double headstone in the cemetery. It is uncertain what rules may relate to management of West Dereham cemetery, therefore investigation of past minutes will be made and this matter will be an agenda item again for the August Parish Council meeting.


1. It was reported the conifer hedge near the Allotments needs cutting back. This will be reported to Highways.

2. Lease of land at the Allotments will be an agenda item for the August Parish Council meeting.

3. There has not been enough interest shown in the Community Speed Watch Scheme for this to go ahead.

Parish Clerk

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