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The Dinner Party

September 2009

Jill nominates her favourity dinner party guests

Graham Forster suggested we send in a list of guest we would like to invite to a dinner party. Well here are mine:

Giles Brandreth - he always makes me laugh and is very lively.

Roger Moore (007) - I heard him talking on TV about his life and it was fascinating.

Esther Rantzen - Now don't laugh! I think she would be really good company.

Michael Parkinson - He must have some tales to tell

Nigel Havers ("The Charmer") Need I say more?

Jane McDonald (one of the "loose women") - She is very funny and I have just had a thought - she could sing for us at the end of the party.

Rory Bremner - and as I don't have a stand-in, Rory could cover for anybody missing!

I can't think of seven people I really would not want, only four and they are Jonathon Ross, Russell Brand, Gordon Ramsey and Harriet Harman.

Stoke Ferry

Jill Giles

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