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September editorial

September 2009

Ray welcomes a new year for The Pump with mixed fortunes. A significant loss in advertisers but new contributors

Hello again,

Welcome to the first edition of the 32nd year of The Village Pump. It is amazing to think that the magazine which started in James Bradfield School in 1978 has continued to thrive and expand its boundaries. This success, is of course, down to you the contributors, readers, advertisers and the merry band of helpers who collate and distribute the final product. So take a bow, all of you.

I am pleased to see that out Teenage tangent has been true to her word and provided us with a most interesting article on The Household Cavalry. I have received several favourable comments on her first item and a general feeling of pleasure that at last we have a younger member of the community making a regular contribution. Well done April.

I can also announce a new regular contributor in the form of a monthly update from the newly re-formed Stoke Ferry Football Club. Their first contribution is on page 67 and I have a promise for more information and pictures for the next edition.

The start of our new Financial Year has shown a significant reduction in the number of our advertisers. Whereas I am aware that many people feel we have too many adverts, the resulting loss of revenue is something we will need to live with. Luckily we replaced our Copy printer last year so our main expense will be the cost of each months production. But that is why we have a dedicated Committee. On that subject, please note an early warning that the Pump AGM will take place in October. We already have a volunteer to take over as Treasurer but a couple of other volunteers would not go amiss.

I am grateful to the Stoke Ferry Corner Shop for continuing to sponsor our Prize crossword. This is now beginning to attract more entries and the competition is really 'hotting up'. My thanks must go to Crataegus who spends several hours a month creating a suitable challenge for our erudite readers. Perhaps someone else would like to create a codeword or word search to further stimulate our readers?

As I write this the sun is shining and the temperature is in the 80 degrees F. I hope this continues, at least until the end of the school holidays. Enjoy the summer and use your holidays to think of how you can contribute to your Village Pump.

Ray Thompson

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