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Letter to The editor

September 2009

Les is not overwhelmed by Our Dinner Party item

Dear Editor,

I can't say I can get too excited about Graham Forster's dinner party for eight, Joanna Lumley may well be a favourite of Graham's, but she's not quite my cup of tea.

In spite of the fact that I have recently celebrated the 55th anniversary of my 25th birthday, I didn't light the candles on my cake the USAF pilots at Lakenheath may well have mistaken it for a runway, anyway my dinner companion would consist of one and be of more tender years.

So if any Village Pump readers know of a very good looking young Lady, say about 27 years of age, with political aspirations of a somewhat Conservative nature, well you have got to talk about something, to me she sounds the ideal person, so please send her along, and if she's paying for it all so much the better.


Les Lawrence

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